Do you want to know the tips to hire the most reliable disability lawyer? Read here.

If a person is disabled physically and cannot work anymore, they can qualify for the disability benefits that are mandated by the government. This is a program that is under the Social Security Administration where the claimant can file for the disability benefits which is sadly a very complicated process where a lot of applicants are getting denied.

With that being said only an experienced disability lawyer can help disabled people throughout this entire complex process which starts from the initial filing all the way to appeal for a denied claim.

A Person with Disability or PWD or has a mental impairment limits a person from one major life activity, or someone who has a history or background of mental impairment, or a person which is perceived by others to having an impairment. Also, disability also covers a person who suffers from their disability to work and get a good quality of life which is why disability lawyers are the ones to fight for the rights of people with disabilities to help them.

There are three benefits that a person with disability can get, these are; the social security disability benefits or SSD which allows them to receive their social security retirement benefits earlier, the supplemental security income or SSI which is a need-based program that is focused on helping disabled people who have limited income and resources, and lastly the short-term and long-term disability benefit which provides a 14-day waiting period for the person to receive benefits depending on the policy imposed, a person that gives birth, disabling injury or have a lengthy illness can benefit from this.

There are a lot of disability lawyers out there, and the last thing that you want to happen is to hire the one which is not reliable at all, so follow these tips in hiring disability lawyers.

·  Know the lawyer’s expertise- You should learn that lawyers specialized in different fields, they could either handling cases from different laws like malpractice law, bankruptcy law, criminal law, disability specialist law, trust and estates, family, personal injury, employment, and business and corporate law, which each of it has different approaches during the legal proceedings.

·  Contact the local bar association- To determine if that lawyer has a license and a board passer, you should contact your local bar association. There, someone who is associated with the bar association can give you referrals of their registered lawyers and help you finding one that is suitable for your case’s needs.

·  Do some research online- This is also one effective way to determine if that lawyer is reliable based on the cases he or she handled previously. From there, you can search the attorney’s records online via news clippings, or from the bar association’s website or from any reliable information available online. The more cases the lawyer handled and won in the court, it would be perfect to consider in choosing that lawyer.

·  Ask for recommendations and referrals- Why don’t you outsource, ask some people that you know about where to find a good and reliable lawyer or who is the best lawyer that can handle your case. This is the most effective way considering that people who have experienced dealing with a reliable lawyer would surely give you a tip who is the best one to be hired.

·  Sort out your list of potential lawyers-Now that you have gathered names from referrals, your research and from asking the local bar association, you should narrow down your list by taking the names of the lawyers, their contact numbers and their website addresses so that it will be easier for you to reach them.

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  1. You have chosen a very different topic that people usually don’t imagine about. Great to know something about disability lawyer.

  2. You made a good point that knowing the expertise of a lawyer is important to consider first before hiring one. A friend of mine might need a disability lawyer soon because there is a chance that his walking might be slightly impaired after getting a surgery on his knee later this year. It might be best to discuss the legal implications of that risk in the surgery beforehand.

  3. Your tips on how to hire a disability lawyer were very helpful and interesting. I agree with you that it would be smart to ask people who have experience with disability lawyers for referrals of a good one for you. I would imagine that it would also be smart to contact the references of potential lawyers to make sure they have a good reputation.

  4. Pipa, my cousin, plans on hiring a disability lawyer soon because she wants to file an SSI claim. I like that you said she should do research online to determine a lawyer’s reliability before hiring them. I’ll share this advice of yours with her tonight when she gets home. Thanks for this.

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