The Craziest Intersections in the World

Intersections are not easy places to drive but some of them are particularly treacherous. This infographic from Hussey Fraser takes you through a selection of the worst intersections around the world and offers advice on how to drive safely at them.

One very unusual intersection is the Place De L’Etoile in Paris, France as it’s the people entering it who have right of way. This makes for some very wild traffic circling the Arc De Triomphe. Another extraordinary intersection is the Shibuya Crossing as at one moment traffic is running through it and at the next moment droves of people are crossing it.

Intersections can be tough at the best of times and young drivers particularly have difficulty with closure rates. Remember that closure rates only tell you how far the car is away; not how fast it’s going. Check out the full infographic for more information.

The Craziest Intersections in the World 1

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