What You Need to Know About Food Labels

What Food Labels Really Mean [Infographic]

The labels put on our food can be very misleading. They should be there to help us make an informed decision but can unfortunately sometimes lead us astray. This infographic from the team at HappyCleans takes you through what you should know about the food labels you see on every trip to the store.

For example, are you aware of the key differences between the terms natural and organic? To the untrained eye these two food labels would mean largely the same thing, but they are very different. If you can afford them, organic foods are always the best choice. Any foods with the label ‘natural’ are pretty meaningless as any guidelines related to the term are only recommended by the FDA.

Have a quick read through the infographic and learn the true meaning of the most common food labels. Hopefully you will find it interesting.

What You Need to Know About Food Labels 1

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