We hear so much about how millennials are so different to older generations and this infographic from CUBE takes you through what marketers need to keep in mind when attempting to market to millennials. Remember that by 2020, 30% of retail sales will be by millennials, so it’s important to be prepared as they become a much larger customer segment.

One important thing to remember is that 84% of millennials do not trust traditional advertising so companies will need to be a little more creative to capture their attentions.

Both older generations and millennials have similar values, it’s just that the order of these values is a little bit skewed when the two are compared. For example, practicality and duty are much more important to older generations than millennials whereas happiness and passion are more important to millennials.

If you’re a business unsure about how to attract millennials, be sure to read through the infographic. Hopefully you will at least pick up a few things that can help you grow your business.