Is A Embroidery Business A Viable Business For You?

One does not have to look far to find some form of embroidery. Embroidery is located on hats, shirts, jackets, and coats which generates millions of dollars each year for the people that embroider these garments. Is it possible to make money as an embroider? You bet.

Embroidery is actually an art form that happens to be huge business. Embroidery is the art of using needlework manually or via embroidery software to adorn garments with various logos, symbols and design and adding the value of the dollar to make it a profitable business. Large portions of company advertising budgets go toward embroidery with branding being the much sought after result. Embroidery has a long tradition, tracing origins all the way back to the ancient Egyptians, revealing the fact that embroidery is not a passing fad.

With the advent of computer technology, embroidery has become streamlined and even more profitable than in the past. Embroidery machines are now computerized with design software that can generate just about any design imaginable. In just few moments, digital embroidery machines can stitch a logo or other design in what would take someone days to do by hand.

Completely programmable and designed on a computer screen embroiders in the computer age, simply push a button and like magic the design appears on the garment. The embroider also chooses the type of stitch and thread color through the computer software, making the whole process both rapid and efficient. Streamlined production is one of the reasons that make embroidery a profitable business in the computer age, reducing a once labor intensive job into a productive, viable business.

Embroidery is everywhere, so potential customers are available just outside the door. Little League teams are a great source of potential customers for embroiders. Just about every type of work uniform has some form of designed embroidery. Bowling leagues, cheerleading and dance squads, country clubs and golf clubs. The pool of potential customers is like an abyss with no clear bottom. School sports teams and local service companies are other prospects that would be approachable for business.

Another sector of the embroidery business is travel bags, purses, blankets and mattress covers. Although these items are more difficult to embroider and special equipment may be required, this is a niche that is also available to people considering opening their own embroidery business. The possibilities are endless.

Acquiring customers would probably be the most difficult part of building an embroidery business. But this is only if a person is not very aggressive in making sales calls on potential customers. One idea that does not require any sales ability is the local dry cleaner. Almost all dry cleaners offer alterations or sewing in some form and the dry cleaner may need help and could be interested in sub-contracting some of their workload. Local community centers and grocery stores often have bulletin boards available to post flyers. The neighborhood paper usually has a section to run inexpensive ads for advertisement of services. For aggressive types, nothing works better than canvassing local businesses and cold calling.

If you have the combined talents of both artist and craftsman along with the can do attitude of an entrepreneur, an embroidery business may be the right choice for you. Starting small, with one embroidery machine, while acquiring a few customers, word of mouth and repeat business will soon have you on your way to a growing and profitable embroidery business. Used and refurbished machines can be purchased for less than new machines and can help save on start up cost until you earn enough profit to purchase newer machines as your business grows. Now that computers dominate the embroidery industry, this once laborious job is now an efficient and profitable business opportunity.

Author: Phillip Hatley
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