11 Shopping Tips to Grab Best Deals on 11.11 Sale in Philippines

For couples, Valentine’s Day is important. They celebrate the day spending time with each other. They use to buy or send gifts to the partners. Similarly, singles celebrate Singles’ Day on 11th November every year. The day has become popular in many countries, especially in Southeast Asia. In Philippines, this is an important day for the ecommerce industry. People who are yet to find their dream partners celebrate the day by making online purchases for themselves. Many ecommerce stores come with luring discounts for this day. Ecommerce sales on this day have been termed as 11.11 sales.

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If you are looking forward to bag a few products on 11.11 sales, you need to follow a few tips to make your shopping experience convenient. These tips have been discussed in the following section of this article.

1. Create Your Wish List

Before the sale starts, it is good to have a wish list. On 11.11 sales, you may find discounts on different products. From consumer electronics to gadgets, you shall find discounts on different items. You shall get discounts on fashion items, accessories, makeup products, and many more. Hence, you need to prepare a list of the things that you are looking forward to purchase. Having such a list would help you to avoid confusion at the time of shopping. Moreover, you would not forget to shop a few items when you have a list of the items.

2. Use the Promo Codes

For online shopping, you need to use the promo codes. Along with 11.11 sales, you shall get additional discounts on your purchases with the promo codes. You need to search for the promo codes for your favorite shopping stores. Save the promo codes so that you can use them at the time of purchasing things. For example, you can use Lazada Promo Code for availing extra discounts on the products that you purchase from online store of Lazada on 11.11 sales.

3. Compare the Prices

You may find the same product at various online stores. On 11.11 sales, different online stores offer different ranges of discounts. Hence, comparing the price of a product on different ecommerce stores will help you to find the cheapest deal.

4. Enjoy the Referral Bonus

Most of the online stores offer amazing referral bonus or discounts. You can earn virtual coin through the referrals. At the time of checkout from shopping cart, you can use the virtual coin to avail extra discounts. So, refer the online store application or website to your friends and relatives to earn virtual coins before the 11.11 sales begin.

5. Don’t Wait Too Long

On 11.11 sales, you shall get stunning deals for many products. Since many people choose to buy products on this day, some products may get out of the stock. So, you have little time to decide on purchasing a product. If you get a good deal on a product, you should not waste time to seal the deal.

6. Check the Wallet Discounts

Various virtual wallets are there. If you are using a virtual wallet, you can get additional discounts on your purchases. So, check the different virtual wallets before the 11.11 sales.

7. Do Not Miss Discount Hour

On various ecommerce stores, there could be different discount hours. There will be a fixed time for sales of electronics items. There will be separate time for the sales of grocery items. You need to check the discount hours, and you have to purchase the products accordingly.

8. Avail Free Delivery

On 11.11 sales, you may find some ecommerce stores offer free delivery service. This is an additional benefit that you can try to grab. On 11.11 sales, you should choose the shopping stores that only offer free delivery of the products.

9. Check Return Policy

You should not forget to check return policy of a product at the time of shopping. Since people get jaw-dropping deals, they do not read return policy. For online buying return policy is important. It is always good to purchase the products that are returnable within 7 days of the delivery.

10. Play the Contests

Many online stores run various interesting contests. You can participate in such contests to earn a few vouchers, coupon codes, etc. Using the Shopee Discount Code will save a good amount of money.

11. Look for Free Demo and Installation

If you purchase electronics goods or appliances, you shall need demo and installation services. On 11.11 sales, you may get demo and installation at zero cost. You need to find an online store that offer free installation and demo of the home appliances or furniture.

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