3 Ways That Online Shopping Has Evolved In 2018

The internet has changed tremendously over the last decade. E-commerce has become more sophisticated and more and more customers are switching to online shopping. As the world progressively becomes a global village, online shopping has brought the world to our fingertips. Customers can now buy products online at midnight in their pajamas.

3 Ways That Online Shopping Has Evolved In 2018 1

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As an entrepreneur, embracing e-commerce is vital for the survival and growth of the business.  With online shopping becoming the new norm, businesses that fail to prioritize digital marketing will miss out on amazing opportunities.

Let’s look at 3 ways that online shopping has evolved in 2018.

  1. Shoppers Are Buying More Online In 2018

Online sales have skyrocketed in 2018. Google’s latest research indicates that more than 79% of Americans shop online on their phones and iPads. The convenience of shopping without the hassle of carrying heavy shopping bags or jostling your way through crowded stores has appealed to many busy customers who wish to minimize the amount of time they spend shopping.

The traditional Brick and mortar stores are rushing to play catch up by transforming their old business models to web-based marketing in order to keep up with the competition. The dwindling numbers in shopping malls is a clear indication that shoppers are buying everything, from groceries to electronics online.

  1. Smartphone Shopping Is Trending

The evolution of mobile shopping has fostered the growth of some of the biggest investments in the world. Giant mobile marketers have made it easier for online sellers to sell goods directly from mobile apps. Target customers are also spending more time on their mobile devices and this is a great opportunity for brand engagement and informative marketing. Customers are also taking time to research and watch more videos from brands in 2018.

As an online entrepreneur, it is crucial to ensure that your brand has a good reputation on social media and offer fair prices in order to make your customers’ mobile shopping experience more enjoyable and convenient.

  1. Customer Reviews Can Make Or Break A Product

M-commerce has changed the way we shop. In 2018, customers have become more vocal in exposing products with poor reputation and quality. Today, customer reviews are more trusted to give honest feedback about a product they had previously purchased.

Millennials especially trust people over brands. If your online store is targeted at millennial consumers, then your efforts should be geared towards earning more customer recommendations and reviews. Many customers today also prefer to buy high-quality products instead of cheaper alternatives. This is because shoppers want to avoid spending money on products that will require replacement in the near future.

Successful online sellers always encourage their happy and satisfied customers to leave feedback regarding their products and services. This ensures that customers are not swayed by competitor reviews.


There you have it; 3 ways that online shopping has evolved in 2018. Are you an entrepreneur looking to build and grow your online store? Why not give it to Bing Digital Magento Agency to do all the work for you easily and hassle-free. With their years of experience in customizing brand design and the affordable and flexible pricing, your online store will be up and running in no time.


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