Preventative Measures Go a Long Way: 5 Roofer Safety Products No Contractor Should Be Without

As a roofing contractor, one of the most important issues you must face is safety. You have to make sure that your roofers don’t fall off the roof at a worksite during a project, as this can lead to serious injuries or fatalities. According to statistics, falling from great heights is one of the biggest causes of construction work injuries and fatalities.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. A study by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) shows that roofer safety products can provide enough fall protection to prevent fall-related fatalities. It is now mandatory that every contractor who works at great heights to have the necessary safety equipment for their crews. Otherwise, you could face a serious fine and be barred from working.

So what are some of these fall protections equipment you need? Here are five simple roofer safety products that you cannot work without:

Ladder brackets and anchors

The first thing you must do when setting up a ladder is to provide a strong anchorage for it. There are several different types of affordable anchorage devices that offer solid anchorage to the edge of a roof. Ladder brackets and anchors allow safe attachment to roof edges, gutters, and parapets.

Guardrail systems

Guardrails should be installed around the roof perimeter, especially when working on steep and low roof slopes. Though you may erect temporary guardrails, you still have to ensure that you follow the standard requirements in terms of location, composition, and height. Fixing roofs is dangerous work, and just like a guardrail, having liability insurance is also a great way to protect yourself and your roofing crew. Some clients actually insist on it before allowing hiring a roofing company. A great example of liability insurance is roofing insurance by Next Insurance.

Ladder levelers and stabilizers

Apart from securing the ladder to the edge of the roof, you also need to make sure that the bottom of the ladder is stable. If the ground is not flat and regular, then you can attach simple levelers or stabilizers onto the legs of the ladder.

Body harnesses

Body harnesses are part of the Personal Fall Arrest system (PFA). They are worn by roofers and attached to a roof anchor using a lanyard. The body harness is designed to be worn a particular way, hold a specific weight, and be tested regularly to ensure compliance with standards. Always make sure that your PFA is in good working order and has been certified.

Grippers, lifting straps, and wrist savers

In most roofing projects, the roofers have to install heavy plywood sheets, gypsum boards, and OSB boards. Tools such as grippers, lifting straps, and wrist savers are affordable and enable workers to lift such heavy and unwieldy materials onto the roof with minimal risk or strain. These types of lifting equipment can also be used to hoist heavy boxes of roofing accessories.

Safety should always be a major priority for every roofing contractor. The safety products mentioned above are simple and affordable ways to keep your workers safe while complying with construction regulations. Additionally, your clients will have confidence in your work as a professional.

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