Recommended Plagiarism Checker for Writers

Freelancer writing is one of the key professions these days. These writing experts paraphrase blogs, articles, web content and other writing forms for increasing the growth of a brand. The content only makes an appeal when it is original and uniquely written. If you have written something that another writer has already paraphrased, your potential readers would not develop the interest to read it. A bigger damage of submitting copied content is ending up with plagiarism penalties. Thus, you need to make sure that content is original and provides unique interesting information to the readers.

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  1. Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

The Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker is a quality online tool that offers multiple options to upload the content. There is a standard way that the content which you want to be checked is pasted in the form of text. The second option is that you can upload the document which has to be checked. This document can be in .PDF, .TXT or .DOCX format depending on the user requirements. Here are some other plus points of this tool.

  • There is no complexity about using this tool. It has very simple features and users can adapt them without spending much of a time. There are two to three simple steps after which you would know whether the written content is completely original or not. First of all, you have to upload the content after the link to the tool has been opened. The content can also be uploaded as a document.
  • When the content has been uploaded, you should click the button to check plagiarism. This process does not consume time and in a short while, you would know whether the content has been copied or not. The rectification process begins after the plagiarized areas have been identified. When you have rephrased the plagiarized areas, scan the content again. You should repeat this process until no part of the content is highlighted. In other words, make sure that the content does not have any originality problems before you submit it.
  • This tool is used by students, teachers as well as business professionals. It is an amazing option to check plagiarism in quick time. It is not easy to find a reliable tool for checking plagiarism. However, this tool is completely trustworthy. You can be absolutely sure that no errors would be skipped and each presence of plagiarized content would be shown on your screen.
  1. Small SEO plagiarism Checker

If the standard manual procedures are followed, you would realize that plagiarism checking is a slow process. Secondly, it is hard to trace each and every section of copied content if a proper plagiarism checker has not been used. Professional freelance writers use a quality plagiarism checker so that no risks are taken. The small SEO plagiarism checker is a better alternative than most other online tools.

  • Compatibility and convenience are important factors for any user. These days, most users opt for online tools so that they do not have to spend time on any installations. This plagiarism checker is 100% online which simply means that you do not have to download / install anything on your computer. With a working internet connection, you can use this tool whenever the need is there.

Is a plagiarism checker actually needed?

A lot of students do not think that a plagiarism checking tool is needed. This is because they do not have a clear idea of what plagiarism is and how it can damage the overall future of the student. Plagiarism checking tool provides a complete guarantee that the content written is original. People who do not use a quality tool are always in a dubious state of mind. They have apprehensions about whether the content is plagiarism free or not. For freelance writers, it is necessary to check the written content prior to submission. These writers mostly work remotely so the reputation totally depends on the content quality they submit. Submission of copied content ruins their reputation for ever. Using a quality plagiarism checking application is the finest option to avoid copied content.

The best plagiarism checkers for freelance writers

Professional writers always have tough submission dates and saving time is a necessity for them. For instance, if you are a freelance writer working on the content of a website, you would be required to complete all the pages before a particular submission date. If copied content is published on a website, its dependability would be finished for ever. Hence, freelance writers have to check and double check the content for plagiarism.

Recommended Plagiarism Checker for Writers 1

Some quality plagiarism checking tools recommended for freelance writers are listed below.

  • A plagiarism checking software is used due to a number of reasons. One of them is to check the content properly without skipping anything. Only few plagiarism checking tools are completely dependable and do not skip errors. This plagiarism checker strong option for freelance writers and other people who need to check content.
  • It is always good to use a fast paced plagiarism checking tool particularly if you have a lengthy assignment to be checked. Some tools consume a lot of time. This plagiarism checker tool is very quick and the lengthiest of assignments are checked in no time. For freelance writers, this is a very convenient tool.


Plagiarism is an issue that damages the lives of students regularly. There are multiple causes due to which students get affected by plagiarism. One of them is not having enough knowledge. Most students do not have complete knowledge about plagiarism and the forms it has. As a result, they submit copied content without using a quality tool.

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