Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader

In the world, people are divided into two categories: leaders and followers. Many people want to be leaders, but the truth of life is that most are followers.

When analyzing the phenomenon of leadership we need to emphasize leader’s personality. Despite the fact that researchers are faced with great difficulty in the preparation of the brief, agreed list of key features, common to all the leaders, many scientists have come to the conclusion that the leaders are, in fact, different from other people in several important respects.

Understanding leadership in terms of the qualities of personality and character, which the leader is endowed with to a greater degree than others, still has not lost its significance. The leader becomes attractive to followers, due to the ability to see what, ultimately, will be achieved as a result of his efforts and the efforts of the followers. However, this is not a random goal or a random state of the organization in the future. To a large extent this is what followers want (ineffective leadership) or can do and achieve (effective leadership).

Leadership as a specific type of relationship management is based on the process of social influence, or rather, the interaction of the organization. Unlike proper management, this process is much more complex, requiring a high level of interdependence of its members. Leadership implies the existence of the organization of followers, not subordinates.

So, if you are a student and do not want to pay for essays and be paid for them instead, you need to know top-qualities of the high-powered people.

So, let’s stress some qualities that most of the leaders obtain.

  1. 1. The ability to influence others

It is also called charisma. Many believe it is an innate quality, but some experts are of another opinion. Some believe that the basis of charisma is the ability to “be like everyone else.” And this is sometimes enough to create a myth that many people believe in! Napoleon supposedly knew all the soldiers of his army by name. The same is said and about Caesar, and about Alexander the Great. A good idea for the leader is to get the name tag for each employee, and then hit them with your awareness about the habits, tastes, family circumstances, etc.

  1. Self-confidence

A true leader exudes self-confidence, ability to cope with any challenge. Of course, he has to believe in it, and not just pretend. If you lack in confidence, you should resort to psychological techniques. No wonder that serious athletes are working with psychologists.

  1. Stress resistance

Essential feature of a leader is emotional poise, equanimity, the ability to stay cool in any situation. A nervous, hysterical person will not indulge in the authority.

  1. Ingenuity

Practical intelligence, capacity for creative problem solving or creativity, always lift a leader them in the eyes of other people. People willing to submit to a clever and resourceful leader.

  1. Entrepreneurship

A true leader has to be enterprising, energetic and capable of a reasonable – not adventurous! – risk-taking.

  1. Responsibility

Responsibility and reliability, as well as loyalty to the promises – all of these characterizes a person having a claim to leadership.

  1. Independence

Followers/Employees need to be sure that their leader is absolutely independent and independent in decision-making, that he does not shift the responsibility on anybody.

  1. Perseverance

The presence of clear and reasonable objectives, and perseverance in achieving them is very important. However, there is a fine line between persistence and stubbornness. Persistence, in the eyes of others, is a big plus, stubbornness – as big minus.

  1. Sociability

Unsociable misanthrope never wins the love and authority. All true leaders know how to be nice to people who surround them. And one of the components of this art is the ability to appreciate each other and tell them about this. After all, a passionate desire to get the recognition of self-worth is common to all the people.

  1. Self-discipline

People are easy to forgive themselves for a variety of weaknesses, but leaders are deprived of this opportunity. A true leader must be a role model at home and at work.

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