What to Do If Your Boss Hates You

Some of the most common Jobs in Myanmar usually range from analysts, accountants, and call center agents. So let’s say you got hired and are now enjoying a decent salary and harmonious relationship with your fellow employees. The problem now is your boss.

As a wage earner, it doesn’t matter what position you have or which university you came from, you might be from the best International school in the Philippines, but that does not change the fact that you are inferior to your boss.

For some reason, you have this gut feeling that your boss hates you because his or her interactions with you are different compared to the other employees. Before you go compose your resignation letter, maybe there are other reasons why your boss is acting that way. Here are some signs that your boss doesn’t like you and how to deal with each.

boss hates you

  1. He micromanages you

Being micromanaged means the boss is observing your work closely and strictly controls the work of his subordinates, which could mean they don’t trust you with your work so they need to constantly check your progress.


What to do about it

First off, try to observe your boss. Is he the same with the other employees? If yes, then his micromanaging could mean that your boss just has this need to assume control all the time. If it’s just with you, then think about what made your boss act this way. Have you missed any of your deadlines recently? Did your outputs failed to pass your boss’ standards? If so, then you just gave your boss a reason to lose his faith in you. Try to update him about your work every now and then. If that doesn’t work then try to have a one-on-one talk with him where you will ask if there’s anything you’re doing that made her lack trust on you and how you can work with more autonomy.

  1. He avoids you

He communicates with you via e-mail only, avoiding any chances of you two having a conversation face-to-face. He takes the stairs when he sees you waiting for the elevator. And there are even times he seems to intentionally ignore your efforts to communicate, even if it’s thru digital means. Basically he doesn’t seem to have you in his priority list.


What to do about it

Talk to your boss. Tell him that it’s important for you to talk to him especially when it’s about your work and ask him if there is a way for the meetings to happen. If he doesn’t budge, be more assertive about it by following up about the missed meeting.


Image Source: www.thinklikeaconsultant.com

Image Source: www.thinklikeaconsultant.com


  1. He doesn’t give you any feedback

Although there are bosses who rarely give any praises but if he gives positive feedback to others but leaves you unrecognized, then there may be something off about his relationship with you.

What to do about it

Try asking for feedback directly but politely. Remember, he is still your boss so an aggressive approach will further push back the chances that you will improve the situation. Or if a direct approach is too overwhelming for you, then try to ask feedback in a subtle way. For example, ask about his opinion on your recent output then listen to what he says.  His response lets you know about his insight on you.

Depending on the attitude your boss shows, keep in mind that maybe the reason why he’s off about you is because your performances are below satisfactory. But if it’s evident that your boss doesn’t care about you leaving, then maybe it’s time for you to consider applying in another company.


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