Scape Students in London Enjoy the Experience of Living in a Home Away from Home

The concept of scape living is very much ‘in’ these days. We often hear students discussing scape living and how they are benefitted by it. Now, the question is what scape living is? Scape is not merely an accommodation for students but a lifestyle. It provides students with a vibrant onsite community run via people like them. The receptionists, building managers and brand ambassadors will leave no stone unturned to make sure that every student’s security, study and social needs are catered to.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that spaces have reinvented the experience of the students to put their residents at the hub. Every room in these homes along with being brand new, luxurious and interior designed its spec and layout too has been chosen carefully by students. Every scape studio comes adequately equipped with all that students require for a living, working and socialising all through their stay.

Why Choose Space Living Over Other Accommodations?

Choosing space living over other accommodations is always a plus owing to the long list of features and convenience that they offer. Students here can enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast free of cost to kickstart their morning. The best part is space homes also provide shuttle bus service both to as from the university and that too complimentary. They also have their backyard which is an ideal spot for students for taking a break under the shade, enjoying a BBQ with friends, studying under the sunlight and creating unforgettable memories while they are at the Scape.

Here students can either enjoy their privacy in a self-contained studio or share an apartment of 5 bedrooms. No matter what the student picks, he/she is sure to enjoy the pleasure of a spacious room having a comfortable bed, study desk, private bathroom, smartly hidden storage, super-fast unlimited Wi-Fi and much more. No wonder Scape students in London enjoy the experience to live in a home away from home.

A Quick Look at the Room Facilities

  • Every room has a bed, a private bathroom and study desk
  • Free breakfast
  • Studios have a fully equipped kitchen while shared apartments have a lounge area, a dining area and a communal kitchen.
  • Superfast unlimited Wi-Fi all through the building
  • Rent that is all-inclusive including unlimited Wi-Fi, water and electricity

A Brief on the Building Facilities

  • Dining areas and communal kitchen
  • 24/7 security and concierge
  • Shuttle bus service for free
  • 24/7 gym
  • Games rooms and cinema
  • Spacious courtyard garden which also includes benches, tables and BBQ
  • Study zones and communal lounge
  • The giant slide which connects with the communal area
  • Laundry that is pay wave operated
  • Secure bike store
  • Onsite housekeeping
  • Onsite maintenance and CCTV

So, all you students planning to study in London gear up for an unforgettable experience at the scape living. The icing on the cake us you will have access to the top events in town along with hosting the top names within the home- entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, singers and more.

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