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In the last couple of years, Facebook is becoming popular and now it’s not only for the colleges students who use it to sharing their photos and sending messages among their friends, it has emerged as a burgeoning business networking platform which is used for advertising, self-promotion as well as multimedia interaction. With the enhanced features and add-ons, users can send each other a virtual link, create and host events and advertise their business through social ads and more by using Facebook. Have a glance on Facebook add-ons and applications which are used to boost-up your business in a short duration of time.

Facebook Pages:
Facebook pages are designed in such a way so that you can create your personal or business profile and you can post logos, pictures, videos as well as other marketing or company information on it.

Facebook Social Ads:
This tool is used to pinpoint your company’s Facebook friends by creating a social ad which reflect your profile to the visitors and friends of the visitors. Thus, your company’s information would be expanded in a short duration.

Facebook Polls:
It is used to know the interests and feedback of services offered by businessmen from their target customers so that they could do the appropriate changes (regarding the products’ quality or services they offer) after knowing the feedback of customers.

Facebook Insights:
Using Facebook Insights, companies can conveniently keep the track of their presence and promotion on Facebook through mapping and charts devices.

You can advertise the blog of your company and podcast with the FeedBurner app for Facebook. Using this tools, a feed will be appear on your profile from which visitors can get the updated information with the new videos, postings and more.

It’s used to attract new pool of talents from the Facebook community by integrating a Jobster button with your profile. Your company can make your own job network by submitting a listing in the Jobster network.

Oodle Classifieds:
Oodle apps help businessmen to organize their companies’ advertisement, classifieds and job postings on Facebook.

Facebook Beacon:
It helps to get in touch with your customers in terms of Facebook profiles of the customers with your website with the Beacon action alerts. In this way, your customers can choose to let their friends what they viewed and bought on your company website and much more.

Beside the above mentioned tools and add-ons, there are many other tools available for Facebook by which you can promote your business globally.

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