From Broke To Billionaire: 10 Success Stories Of Self-Made Filipino Entrepreneurs

Business Success and Hardworking – TOP Filipino Businessmen

The Philippines is a unique country with a rich culture and a good investment climate. This allows entrepreneurs to make money and achieve real success. Moreover, the modern world offers a huge number of opportunities, and capital can be earned both through trading on the stock exchange or opening factories, as well as betting on sports or computer games: for example, on dota2 sites. For a long time, the pyramid of the richest people in the Philippines had one leader – this is the tycoon Henry Si, with a fortune of almost 19 billion dollars. The founder of the SM Group corporation, thanks to his intelligence and commercial character, was able to successfully implement his ideas in the retail, banking, and real estate sectors. But in 2019, he died at the age of 94. Well, “the king is dead – long live the king.” We will tell you about the most successful businessmen in the country, known to us today.

Manuel Villar

Villar topped the list for the first time, ranking 317th in the world with a net worth of $5.5 billion. It is also the first time that the richest person in the country has been of purely Filipino descent. The former presidential candidate comes from a poor family in the outskirts of Manila. The first place of work was the position of an accountant in an ordinary company, and later the businessman opened a bureau for the delivery of goods. He is also known for being a financial analyst for successful companies and in the construction business (delivering sand and gravel for construction sites). Today Villar companies operate in 132 cities of the country, and the corporation regularly generates annual profits at the level of 10-14%.

Enrique Razon

Enrique’s fortune is 3.4 billion dollars, and his rating on the Forbes list is 535. The businessman’s grandfather was able to build a successful empire in organizing services and entertainment, including many casinos, restaurants, shops, etc. Enrique received the inheritance and the ability to run an empire more than twenty years ago, and since then the business has only grown stronger. For example, the hotel firm Bloomberry Resorts Co. with the Solaire Resort and Casino are real pearls of Manila, attracting a huge number of tourists.

Hans Sy

The businessman ranks 1063 on the Forbes list with a fortune of $2 billion. This is the fourth child of the tycoon Henry Sy, who died in 2019. Until 2016, Hans was President of SM Prime Holdings, where he was responsible for global solutions and development strategy. However, he remains the director of the company and can take part in its life. Also, Hans Sy is chairman of China Banking Corporation and National University. What’s more, he is also the most successful and wealthy of Henry Sy’s children, a testament to his sharp mind, business skills, and good decision making.

Herbert Sy

Brother Hans and another son Hanry Sy (second of six children). His net worth is just under $2 billion and he is ranked 1065 on the Forbes list. The Filipino businessman is a financial advisor to SM Investments and CEO of SM Prime Holdings. His task is to invest in third-party companies and the policy of cooperation with them.

Harley Sy

Another of the children of Henry Sy, with an inheritance of about $1.9 billion. This allowed him to enter the Forbes list and will receive the 1135th position. The fourth child of the late multi-billionaire became the CEO of SM Investments. The firm has a well-developed retail network and is active in the banking sector. Also, the Filipino businessman is the director of the China Banking Corporation, where he also increases his capital.

Henry Sy Jr.

The eldest son Henry Sy. He is Co-Chair of SM Investments and Chairman of SM Prime Holdings, the property development arm of the group. Henry has long-term experience in managing the company and helping the family to remain the richest dynasty in the Philippines. The latest statistic shows that Henry has a net worth of $1.9 billion, which puts him in the 1136th position in the Forbes rankings.

Andrew Tan

A successful Filipino with a fortune of $1.86 billion (1140 on the Forbes list). Andrew also holds the prestigious 2018 Tatler Ball Diamond, a symbol of his business success. The Filipino is the owner and director of the Alliance Global holding, which is engaged in the production of drinks and food. Also, he collaborates with the American company McDonald’s and the alcoholic brand Emperador. So Andrew Tan’s business allows you not only to eat but also to have fun with a unique series of cognacs.

Teresita Sy-Coson

The richest woman in the Philippines, who is also a very influential and successful businesswoman. This is the daughter of the famous businessman Henry Sy, who died in 2019. Her fortune is $1.84 billion (1196th place). Today Teresita is headed by SM Investments together with his brother. Her responsibility is to spread the merchandise and increase the company’s popularity. She is also responsible for the opening and development of new shopping centers and banks. Another business of Teresita Sy-Corson is the management of the Philippine bank Unibank.

Roberto Ongpin

Roberto heads up Alphaland, a real estate and luxury apartment building company for other successful businessmen. The company is also active in the real estate market, buying and selling homes in Macau and Baguio. A keen mind and strong business acumen earned Roberto Ongpin a fortune of $1.8 billion and entered the list of the richest people according to Forbes magazine (1267 place).

Lucio Tan Sr.

A successful businessman whose life is full of real miracles. He started his career working as a janitor at the Far Eastern University. The pay allowed him to pay for tuition here. Later, he received his degree in chemical engineering and founded Asia Brewery in 1982. He developed his success and was able to take a leading position in the segment of sales of alcohol and tobacco, and later opened a banking business. Today, Lucio’s business empire also includes air transport and aviation-related support services; they also have minority ownership and management control in a sugar milling company. Condition Tan Sr. is 1.7 billion dollars, which allows it to take 1270 place in the Forbes list.

Elizabeth Sy

One more story as a bonus. She is the eldest daughter of businessman Henry Sy, who works as an advisor for SM Investments Corporation, and is also responsible for company development and innovation in the field of tourism, recreation, and hospitality. Elizabeth is the founder of SM Hotels and Conventions, which has opened many luxury hotels in the country. Elizabeth Sy has a fortune of $1.6 billion and is ranked 1335 by Forbes.


Wealth is not a pipe dream, but a goal that is a reality for active, determined, and intelligent people. You can also make your life successful if you become the master of circumstances and can make the right decisions.

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