The Story of Houzz – The Home Design Platform

Houzz was a simple start-up in February 2009. Neither of the owners, Adi Tatarko & Alon Cohen, could ever have envisaged what Houzz has become today. They came up with the idea at their kitchen table when they had difficulty finding inspiration designing their own home. They identified a need, something that didn’t exist, and the idea blossomed from there. Did they know 40 million people would think it was a good idea? Certainly not.

The founders did receive some well-timed funding to help the business grow and the important thing with funding is to use it wisely. If Adi & Alon hadn’t invested the initial $2 million they received wisely, they may never have gotten the amazing $35 million investment in January 2013. They now have a combined net worth of $500 million!

Check out this infographic from Half Price for a more information on how a simple start-up became one of the biggest websites in the world.

The Story of Houzz - The Home Design Platform 1

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