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How to Start a Small Business

In today’s modern world, the rise of new trends and technology has continuously grown in an exponential level. Humans as we are, we have learned to adapt, evolve and dance to the rhythm of the changing world around us. Nowadays, the idea of starting up your own business at your...


How To Start A Recruitment Agency

Starting a recruitment agency can be a lucrative business especially during times of recession. When there are less jobs, people will likely to pay a fee for you to help them find a job. When there are more jobs than there are applicants, many employers will pay good money to...


7 Tips for Writing a Solid Business Plan

If you have considered starting a business of some sort, you may have felt a little overwhelmed with the idea of writing a business plan. Successfully launching a business is harder than it looks. While you may have wanted to open your business in order to increase your freedom, you...