Mudcrab (Alimango) Culture and Fattening

To produce food through aquaculture without sacrificing the environment is an apt description for the culture or fattening of mudcrab in mangrove areas. The use of net enclosures in mangroves or tidal zones offers a...


Seed Production of Asian Catfish

Asian Catfish, locally known as hito to Tagalogs, paltat to Ilocanos, pantat to Cebuanos and Ilonggos, and ito to Pampangeños, is one of the most important freshwater food fishes not only in the Philippines, but...


Agree-build-operate-transfer (ABOT) AquaNegosyo

SEAFDEC/AQD packages and builds science-based ready-for-handover operational businesses for new and re-focusing entrepreneurs. Facilities are constructed on client site and made operational through on-the-job training for technicians and employees of our clients. ABOT AquaNegosyo was...