5 Benefits of Live Streaming Your Podcasts

With ever-increasing numbers, the Podcasting industry has seen reform with new ventures rising from within, and Livestreaming your Podcast is one of them. Considerably new to the audience, live podcasts streaming your audio & video content to the masses can help you get a breakthrough. And below, we have mentioned the top 5 benefits on why you should start live streaming your Podcast ASAP:


#1. Interact with your Audience in Real-Time 

As a creator, you must know who are the ones viewing content. Probably the number one benefit of live-streaming is getting to know who exactly your target audience is. When you are live and having those one-on-one sessions with the viewers, you will get to know their preferences, what things they like, and you will also get honest feedback on your content.

Again, Live Streaming can be a big reality check for you. But if you are aiming for long-term growth, honest opinion can help you drive towards your creative best, and it is what you should strive for ultimately.

#2. Show Yourself 

The comfort of recording in a room and editing the final product according to your will can take hold of you. But the willingness to show yourself to the world can turn the wheel in your slot because not many are willing to take this risk.

The first point we talked about is knowing your audience. However, it is also crucial that your audience directly connects with you if you want to retain them in the long run. And this can only be built over a period of time and by regularly showing your true self to the public. It is a double-edged sword, but it is a risk worth taking.

#3. Cut the Effort

Most of the content creators would agree on this part. A regular podcast requires a lot of effort to be completed, whether writing the script, recording the entire session, editing the 2-hour long video into one Podcast, and then into short clips for the social media clips.

Whereas in live streaming, your effort is almost cut in half. You need to prepare the initial script, set up the camera, hit the rolling button, and that’s about it. From there, it would be your content and your personality carrying the Podcast forward, and not your editing skills.

While many of the content creators out there consider editing a critical skill in their arsenal, it is undeniably a crucial part of the process. However, the following graph shows how Live Streaming is cruising in ticking all the boxes for the audience.


That said, with minimum efforts, you can actually attract equal if not better engagement on your podcast.

#4. Stand-Out From the Crowd

As mentioned above, Live Streaming is not for everyone, simply because it heavily depends on your content. If your content is not up to the mark, the viewer will take less than a second to switch to something more engaging. Sadly, that’s the downside of the era we live in, where we are catered to with different content to engage us every single second.

With all the benefits of Live Streaming mentioned above, there are also many deluding aspects of it. One of them is that if you are not up to the mark, you can lose your audience. And due to this, most of the content creators out there don’t even dare to explore the space.

However, this also means far less competition in this when compared to your regular podcasting industry, where everyone’s competing for a single title. So if you dare to leap, the reward is yours to grab!

#5. Inspire more Engagement

Stats prove it. Live Streaming content attracts far more Engagement than the regular content because it urges the user to “Stop & Plug” rather than download or save it for later. This makes for a massive impact, and the best example of this would be the famous live streaming platform, Twitch, which has managed to pip Youtube in some categories.

But Podcast live stream are a different ball game altogether. And if you are looking to jump ship in this exciting new industry, we would suggest you look no further than Boomcaster. It is one of the booming new platforms and offers some fascinating features.

Quality is one of the primary concerns when you are live streaming your Podcast. However, with Boomcaster at the helm, the quality of both Audio & Video remains top-class throughout the entirety. You also get features like dual-recording and giving a customized experience to your viewers at an excellent price.

Summing Things Up

So, these would be the top 5 benefits of why you should be Livestreaming your Podcast. From knowing your audience to showing your true self to the public and attracting excellent Engagement with minimal effort, Live Streaming sure has the potential to transform your Podcast.

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