Top 5 Latest Trends on Business Security

Due to the advancements in technology, there is cause for concern today for businesses and companies not just with their physical security.

Gone are the days when security agencies only think about old school thieves breaking into offices and warehouses and stealing some cash and equipment. Nowadays, crooks are getting sophisticated with their means to steal, and they are now using digital and Internet-based tools, software, and programs not just to take money, but a whole lot of other things, too.

Some of the things digital thieves want from individuals and companies today include:

  • Personal information of employees and customers
  • Corporate data
  • Money using digital means

Crooks now only need a computer with an internet connection today. Back in the day, they have to wear a mask and camouflage so as not to get noticed, but today, they can just be in their pajamas.

What Businesses Can Do About It

Fortunately, recent innovations in technology also paved the way for more advanced cybersecurity tools. Below are the latest trends in business security this year:

  1. Defense against fake news and misinformation – Some information avenues are becoming sources of fake news. Because of this, expect a rise in awareness on how to distinguish between factual and fabricated information.
  • Security of open source software – Some companies still use open source software for their operations like Linux kernel, MySQL, and Samba. The problem with these is that everyone can access it, making it vulnerable to cyberattacks and hacks. Since businesses are less likely to stop using them, expect more security options for open-source software in the future.
  • Rise of AI technologies in analyzing potential threats – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most intriguing advancements in technology in recent years. Today, AI is used to automate processes that are otherwise too complicated or time-consuming for an individual.

In terms of cybersecurity, it can help identify suspicious digital processes that otherwise look normal to security personnel.

  • Improved authentication software – Authentication is an upgraded security measure to aid passwords. Because passwords can easily be stolen or forgotten, authentication options provide a better and more secure way to authorize access to a particular account or digital vault.

One emerging innovation in authentication is the use of biometrics, including facial recognition, fingerprint scanners, and even voice recognition. Using these added layers of authentication would help block out potential hackers and unauthorized entry, whether to a physical or digital space.

  • Security awareness to be promoted even more – Because cybercriminals are becoming more advanced in their stealing techniques, expect a widespread campaign to promote security awareness. The more people would know about cybersecurity and risks to identity theft, the more they would want to be more careful.

Seeking Assistance

Technology has indeed helped in doing certain things easier. Unfortunately, even cybercriminals have used the revolution to make stealing easier. As a result, now, more than ever, businesses should improve their cybersecurity tools to prevent cyberattacks that could potentially destroy everything they have worked for in an instant.

Various firms offer tools and solutions that could help with a business’s cybersecurity. Entrepreneurs should evaluate the specific risks they can experience to know the service they need. It is also beneficial for businessmen to stay updated with the latest trends regarding corporate security.

peter porr

Peter Porr is the Marketing and Brand Manager for ImageWare Systems. He continually works on developing market awareness of, what is now recognized to be, one of the world’s leading Secured 2FA & Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication solutions in the world.

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