Do You Agree That “Good Grooming” Affects Your Salary And Career?

Do You Agree That “Good Grooming” Affects Your Salary And Career?

Do You Agree That “Good Grooming” Affects Your Salary And Career? 1

I believe that we all are ambitious. Well, if not all I believe a good percentage of the world’s population are ambitious. Ambitious in the sense that we want to grow and become better in our personal and professional engagements. To attain growth, however, you have to put in the hard work. It is this mentality that most people adopt as they chase career growth and development. Late nights and early mornings become the norm but even with your added commitment, you find out that you are hardly climbing the corporate ladder and those that you consider “less deserving” seem to be getting promoted so very often. Well, they seem well-dressed and neat most of the time but is that really enough for a promotion? Sorry to break your bubble but personal grooming could be the reason you are being overlooked for that promotion that you are more than qualified for. Employers consider a lot of things when handing out promotions and other insensitive at the workplace and when candidates are tied for a position, most pick the employee that would best represent the company to the outside world and this is where personal grooming comes into place. Let’s now review other instances whereby good grooming could result in career growth and a bigger paycheck.

  1. Your first job.

Do You Agree That “Good Grooming” Affects Your Salary And Career? 2

Unless you are seeking employment in family business, you will have to attend an interview for you to be considered for employment. Interviewers will assess your skills and suitability for the role and when several candidates meet the job requirements, interviewers will often pick the candidate that is clean, smart and well groomed. A well-groomed individual shows that they respect their potential employers and this is something that interviewers take very seriously. So before you think about showing up for an interview in dirty, wrinkled and semi-professional clothes, be prepared for rejections to jobs you are qualified for. Good grooming entails clean and pressed clothes, shaved hair for men and well-done locks for women, light make up application as well as clean and neatly done nails. In an effort to make a great first impression, women would go big on makeup. This is a big fail and interviewers would look down on you for doing this. The best makeup that you can wear to an interview is minerals makeup that emphasizes your beauty and natural glow. Following these growing techniques will help you land your first job and set you up for further career growth and development.

  1. Sales and brand marketing.

Sales rep are the face of the institution out there. How the sales rep carry themselves before potential clients affect the companies client acquisition strategy. It is, therefore, very important for sales and marketing executives to be smart, neatly dressed,and well-groomed when they are presenting sales pitches. Good grooming creates a good first impression and makes the clients much more receptive to your pitch and this increases your chances of landing the client. Since sales and marketing executives receive commissions for clients that they land for the company, good grooming, therefore, has a direct impact on the commissions you receive on top of your monthly stipend.

  1. Promotions at the workplace.

Do You Agree That “Good Grooming” Affects Your Salary And Career? 3

When a top management position becomes available in a company and the company is only considering internal talent for promotion, more often than not, the position will be handed to neat and properly groomed individuals within the organization. This is because the company’s top clients are usually handled by the top management and the members that constitute top management ought to be neat and well-groomed individuals so as to paint the company in the best light. Other than added responsibility, promotions usually come with a better pay package and incentives. So to improve your chances of getting promoted at work, adhere to the best personal grooming practices.


There are a lot of things that could aid you in your career journey and one that most people tend to overlook is good grooming. Career commitments and obligations may make it difficult for people to adhere to the rules of good grooming to the latter but if you dream of a bigger paycheck, then you should make time for grooming.


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