Tips On Giving Edible Gifts This Christmas

For hundred of years, giving edible gifts during Christmas has become one of the world’s enduring traditions. Edible Christmas gift ideas is just one of many ways we can spread gift giving cheer this Holiday season.

In this article, Amy Uy shared some of her tips on giving edible gifts this Christmas that we must keep in mind.

Check the expiration of the food item you are about to give.

Yes, the temptation to buy food marked at half-price in the supermarket is irresistible but just the same, take heed of the expiration date that’s stamped on it. We all know that stores can get devious in getting rid of stocks that shouldn’t still be on their shelves. And the best way to do it is through a “buy one, take one” scheme that we, gullible buyers, are only too happy to bite into.

Avoid giving food gifts that will melt or crumble before it gets to the recipient.

How many times have we opened a seemingly delectable box of chocolates only to find those lovely truffles sticking to the bottom of the box because it was thoughtlessly left in the car by the giver’s messenger? Or how many times have we tried to dig into a paper bag of cookies we’ve been saving only to hoist our fingers up coated with crumbs? Yes, a lot can happen from the time the food left your house until it reaches your friend. For all we know, he or she will just shove it inside a bag along with other precious gifts before he or she hops on the overly-crowded train ride home. Also, as a general rule, it’s best to avoid gifts that are essentially sticky since most of the food gets stuck to the wrappers when the recipient finally makes a go at them.

Before giving edible gifts, be conscious of any special dietary requirements of your friends.

How many of us have cringed after finding out that the recipient of our jar of pili nuts was sent to the hospital over the holidays due to high uric acid? Or that we went to the house of a friend bearing a fiesta ham only to know she turned vegetarian this year? If you are to stay friends throughout the Christmas season, it’s best to know if there are certain no-no’s when it comes to giving your friends an edible gift. Yes, it pays to know if your mother-in-law is a diabetic before going to her house with a box of Brazo de Mercedes or if your friend has been frequenting meetings of the AA before heading off to his house with bottles of wine. Knowing these things means you value your friend, or your mother-in-law, and you won’t intentionally do anything to harm her. Unless of course, you actually do.

Opt to give healthy food items.

If you’re thinking of giving someone special something to chew on this Christmas, choose those that promote good health. Instead of snack packs and chips, how about some tea leaves for brewing or a jar of pesto sauce with a pack of whole wheat spaghetti as a gift? Find more options, if you intend to give cookies, why not choose to give wholesome, nut-free, and sugar-free but still delicious treats that you can get from the vegan bakers in town? Even a basket of fresh fruits would be most welcome as they come with fond wishes for the recipient’s good health.

If you know your way around a kitchen and have time to spare, give something from your own kitchen – homemade.

The thought of a friend baking cookies just for your exclusive gang of foodies is like a ray of sunshine to the lonely or cold-hearted soul. It’s always good to receive homemade treats or even just a humble tray of pancit, if that’s your fool-proof signature dish. Making the food yourself means you were thinking of your friends while slaving over a hot stove. There are several easy recipes to make and you’d be surprised to know that the simplest personally-made food gifts would knock the Christmas socks off your loved one. This will also save you money as something homemade would always cost less than just buying a box of treats from a store. But at the same time, knowing that those cookies were made by your gentle, loving hands is priceless.

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