Tips on How to Cut down a Tree in a Safe Way

Cutting a tree is a big deal, and you can get seriously injured if you don’t know how to do it. If you’re not sure you can do it by yourself, removal of trees in Sydney might come in handy for you.

Tips on How to Cut down a Tree in a Safe Way 1

You must have the right safety gear

Always, always take precations. This is a job that you need to take seriously. There is some gear that you need to have when you do the chain saw work, especially. We’re talking about a helmet that can protect you if you – God forbid – fall off the tree. You’ll also need earmuffs and face screen in order to protect your eyes and ears. Don’t forget the safety glasses that will keep the dust out. Also, it’s important to get Kevlar chaps, that will stop the chain instantly if you drop the bar on your leg.

Get felling wedges

These are two plastic felling wedges that can prevent your saw from stopping its work during a cut. You can go and ask for them at any outdoor power equipment store that has chainsaws.

Clear the zone

You might be sure of where the tree is going to fall. However, you might be surprised. You need to first cut any brush around the trunk and then clear at least two escape ways on the sides of the tree where you’re sure the branches will not fall. They should be 45 degrees away from each other – in opposite directions. You don’t need to trip when you’re running away from a falling tree.

Study the tree

If it has dead branches that are only attached, or that aren’t broken off and simply supported by other branches, do not cut the tree. Some of those branches might fall on you.

If it’s leaning in one direction (and you can clearly see that) or if it’s full of branches on one side, do not cut it. It will fall in the direction where it’s leaned or full of branches, and there’s nothing that you can do about that.

If there are fences, buildings, or power lines in the felling zone, do not cut the tree.

Planning the notch

You will cut a notch on the side that’s supposed to be the fall side on the trunk. You need to adjust the saw until it’s towards your fall direction. The center of the notch will be the spot where the bar touches the bark. Make sure that before you cut, you lay out the notch by making a sign with chalk or, even better, by making a sign on the bark with the chainsaw.

Cutting the notch

First, you need to make the top cut, and the bottom cut. Be careful, when you’re making the bottom cut, you need to adjust your hand in order to have full control of the throttle with your thumb. If it’s perfectly done, then the wedge will drop out of the notch.

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2 Responses

  1. There is a tree in my backyard that looks like it is starting to rot so I am worried that it might eventually fall down onto my house. I appreciate the advice you explained how it is important to avoid cutting it when it is leaning in one direction. It seems like it would be a good idea for me to consult with a tree expert on what I should do to fix this situation.

  2. We usually visit my father’s friend’s place every weekend and last week I noticed there’s a huge tree behind the house. When I discussed the same with my father, I learned that uncle is planning to cut it down as soon as possible as there are chances of accidents. I think I stumbled on this article at the right time and hence I am definitely sharing the same with the uncle.

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