Benefits of Flying in Private During Your Business Trips

2020 has been an eventful year. Some might call it downright chaotic, catastrophic perhaps. Not one aspect of our lives has been left untouched; not one industry left unaffected. Those who have to travel to conduct their business regularly have been rattled. If this is you, there’s no need to wax on about this year; your work has been profoundly, maybe permanently, altered by it.

private business trips

You likely want to pick back up the pieces and get to work. You want to make those calls, visit those clients, and sign those deals. But given the state of things, and how slowly it seems countries and cities are recovering, you might be wondering if there’s a safe and healthy way to do this.

Many who need to travel for business have been turning to private flights as a means of minimizing their risk of exposure to COVID-19 while at the same time making those necessary trips to keep the business running. The solution has become widely popular, and the trend is not expected to die down anytime soon. Some economists are even predicting that the private flight industry boom is here to stay even after we have recovered from the pandemic.


In addition to being a safer alternative when it comes to coronavirus, private flights are more convenient than public flights. Foremost, you can skip those several hour waits in the airport, choosing instead to arrive just in time for the plane.

Private flights can be booked with much shorter notice than available flights, and are far more flexible. The plane can wait if your meeting was running behind, or you can change your destination without having to book a new ticket (you can even change your destination mid-air if you need to). You can add travelers to the flight or remove them with ease and without losing out on their ticket costs.

Speaking of prices, private jets are not as pricey as you might believe. Experts at bitluxtravel.com point out that it is common for private flights to be less expensive than flying business class. And the more people are traveling, the less expensive it is, as the cost is calculated by the hour, meaning you can split the cost with your traveling companions.

More than that, because only you and your traveling companions are taking the flight, there’s a broader range of airports available. The plane does not need to find an airport that forty people want to go to. Because of this, when flying privately, it is often easier to land closer to your final destination.

Reduced Contact With People

There are many benefits of flying private for business, but at the moment, the biggest one is reduced contact with strangers. Rather than having to arrive at the airport several hours earlier and working your way through a security system that has come in contact with thousands of people, and then wait with countless other passengers in a crowded space, you can take a car right up to the plane you’ve booked and board.

While onboard, there is only you, your traveling companions, and two pilots. Sometimes there is also a flight attendant. In these conditions, it is much easier to maintain a safe social distance, and there is an overall reduced risk of contracting the virus as you are coming in contact with far fewer people. Of course, safety precautions still need to be taken. Wash your hands properly and wear a mask.

The world is not going to look the same post-coronavirus. Many industries are making-long term changes that will protect businesses and economies, no matter what the future brings. Air travel is no exception. 

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