7 Facts I Wish I Had Known Before Getting Botox

Botox is a famous anti-aging treatment to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Billion men and women are getting Botox treatment to change their appearance. Botox is well accepted among all because of its efficiency level and its non-invasiveness. The recovery time is very less. Thus, you will see considerable changes in your face after a single session. It was primarily considered celebrity treatment, but it has become the common person’s treatment with time. 


Now irrespective of gender, everyone wants to look good and photogenic. Botox treatment successfully improves their appearance and boosts their self-esteem.

Some celebrities share their experience with Botox. They share seven crucial facts you must be aware of before getting Botox treatment. In this article, we are going to mention pointwise. We hope this article will help you know about the pros and cons of Botox treatment. Thus, read till the end.

Seven Essential Facts You Must Know Before Getting Botox Treatment

Botox does not permanently eliminate wrinkles and fine lines

As Botox is an anti-aging treatment, we think it permanently eliminates fine lines and wrinkles from our faces. But it is a big misconception. The Botox injection won’t permanently erase the unwanted imperfection that appears due to aging. It is not a permanent treatment. The result of Botox treatment remains to up to 4-6 months. 

Some experts say that Botox is a preventive measure rather than therapeutic. The Botulinum toxin is a neuromodulator that relaxes the facial muscles of the target area and prevents wrinkles and fine lines from developing further. Botox does not work like an iron. In this manner, the previous you get Botox, the more protection its belongings — subsequently, the pattern of getting Botox as ahead of schedule as your 20s.

It is temporary/ more temporary than You think.

Botox provides a miraculous effect but won’t last long. The average staying power of Botox for fine lines between eyebrow or glabella, forehead, and lateral crows remains up to 4-6 months. Certain factors, including lifestyle, diet, and aging, also fade the Botox result faster. Some cosmetic experts say that patients who do intensive exercise or very impressive through face lose their Botox effect within three months.

It does hurt, actually

As Botox is a non-invasive treatment, most of the patients think that it does not hurt anyway. But the actual truth is it hurts and little painful because a needle is getting underneath your skin. Theoretically, it is not painful, but practically it hurts. While experience may vary, we have found that the multiple infusions as essentially more intense than the “mosquito nibble” pinprick you anticipated. Notwithstanding the ice pack applied to your head, It feels tormenting for at minimum 30 minutes after Botox injection

There are a few things you can’t do after Botox treatment

Certain activities are not allowed immediately after Botox treatment. Expert advice not to do any exercise for the next 6 hours just after having Botox treatment. Even you can’t lie down or consume ibuprofen or any other blood-thinning medications, which could aggravate bruising at the targeted site. Dr. Williams, the famous cosmetologist, added that you have to keep your head level up immediately after Botox injection and do not bend your head forward for minimum of two hours. Do not perform the exercise for the next 48 hours.

It is not a celebrity treatment.

Primarily everyone thought that Botox was a Hollywood celebrity treatment. But it is just a myth.

According to the flat temples of most Hollywood A-celebrities, Botox is a given among famous people. While gauging whether to get it myself, we attempted casually bringing it up in discussion in our community. After doing so, we got to learn that many of our friends and colleagues had done it and enjoyed the result. Thus the treatment is not uncommon. Though Botox injections are a little pricey the desire to look younger overcome this factor. The most common Botox available in the market are Restylane and Juvéderm. The average price of Botox is $10-$15 per unit. The recommended dose is up to 20 units per area. Thus you have to pay on an average $200-$300.

Having Botox treatment is not a moral failing.

Some deeply religious people think that getting Botox treatment means selling out their principles or a sin. It is a misconception. The desire to look attractive and good is a natural and positive thing. So, everyone takes the benefit of Botox treatment

Botox does not freeze your face

Botox does not give you a frozen dramatic appearance. If the treatment is performed by a certified and skillful expert, you will get an aesthetic outlook.

Thus, we would suggest you take an appointment in a certified and authentic clinic that offers the best botox in DubaiDon’t forget to ask queries you have related to Botox.

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