Business Study Abroad: Study MBA in Best Universities

A business education abroad is a reliable recipe for a successful career, proven by time and the success stories of thousands of graduates. In addition, MBA opens the door to significant companies worldwide because this qualification is genuinely universal.

What is a business education?

Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is a master of management: a business process expert with managerial skills. This diploma is awarded to professionals with experience who want to improve their skills, start a business or build an international career.

The business education program includes training in business topics: marketing, accounting, strategic management, finance, and the development of leadership skills and flexible skills. In addition, training helps achieve business and financial literacy, acquire new technical and digital skills, learn effective sales techniques, and so forth.

The advantages of an MBA

  • much practice: MBA courses teach how to apply knowledge;
  • relevancy: MBA degree will be a big plus when applying for a job;
  • higher wages: for example, graduates of Harvard Business School earn an average of $300,000 per year;
  • new ideas for business development;
  • acquisition of the most crucial communication skills.

Peculiarities of business education abroad

The main feature of business education abroad is a close connection with practice. Professionals from different industries give lectures at the programs. Then, after classes, they return to their offices and continue to lead their companies to success. For students, this is an opportunity to “look behind the scenes” of business, to learn about current practices, industry problems, and, of course, business strategies that work.

International education is indispensable for those who want to build a career abroad. First, you’ll get a global management degree. Secondly, you’ll be able to intern at the world’s largest companies, learn from professionals, and meet people from different countries.

And, most importantly, it is foreign business schools that top the rankings.

How to choose a business school?

An MBA program can be classical or specialized. For example, the first case will include the study of economics, marketing, finance, law, business ethics, business organization. The latter will focus on a particular industry (HoReCa, logistics, winemaking, automotive, etc.).

There are also MBA programs for top managers and employees of international companies.

In addition to the list and features of training courses, when choosing a business school, you need to pay attention to such points as:

  • accreditation in professional societies;
  • the school’s partnership with major companies, the school’s place in the ratings;
  • internships;
  • employment statistics;
  • the average salary of graduates.

Entrance requirements for business schools

Entrance to business administration programs usually does not require special skills. However, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and work experience, and a sufficient command of English.

You may have to write a motivation letter and take the GMAT, write career goals for MBA, and a standardized test that assesses analytical skills.

Cost of education

Studying MBA programs is rather expensive. In the best business schools, the price of an annual course reaches 70 thousand euros. However, sometimes it is possible to get a scholarship or grant.

The best business schools in the world in 2021, according to The Financial Times

The Financial Times, which publishes finance and business news, annually presents an international ranking of business schools. To participate, an educational institution must be accredited by the AACSB – the American Association for the Advancement of University Business Schools – or Equis, its European counterpart.

  1. Insead.
  2. London Business School.
  3. The University of Chicago.
  4. Iese Business School.
  5. Yale School of Management.
  6. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.
  7. China-European International Business School.
  8. Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris.
  9. Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.
  10. Dartmouth College Graduate School of Business.

Best MBA Courses in the states

There are more than a hundred business schools across the United States. Some of them are based at major universities, and some exist separately. There is no control over education in business-related fields in this country, but the quality of education is assessed by the international associations AASCB or IACBE. If they accredit the university, you can safely bring your documents to them.

While studying in the United States, students take courses in marketing, accounting, public relations, and other fields. After mastering the basic subjects, students can choose a field of study that interests them.

To study business in the United States, you will be asked to prepare your resume and motivational essay. Depending on the institution you choose, letters of recommendation from previous employers may be helpful. If you’re having trouble writing an admissions essay, turn to cheapwriting services. And the essaysadvisor blog will help you choose the most reliable one in this matter.

Many major U.S. universities, including Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Dartmouth, and other institutions, can take MBA courses.

Pace University, a well-known private business university, is located practically in the heart of New York City. Many employers well regard this university, so you are more likely to get a job and stay abroad after taking a business course there. Pace University is twice AACSB-certified and is among the top forty in America.

Based at UMASS Boston University, the business school offers MBA courses for international students. The school’s website boasts that students from China, India, Moldova, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and South Korea have taken their program in recent years. Classes are held once a week in the evenings. The course can also be listened to online.

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