How To Make Nutritious Crunchies (Food Business)

corn-munggo chipsGrowing children are naturally restless and move a lot because they are full of energy. And also because the parts of their body are developing, they need more energy giving foods to meet their needs for development and to replace the energy they spend. Because of this, children tend to eat more often. So, foods given to them must be nourishing ones and not “junks.” Supplementing corn with munggo gives much of the energy they need. This is enriched with Vitamins A and B.

Corn-Munggo Chips

5 1/4 cups corn flour (800 gms.)
1 3/4 cups munggo flour (200 gms.)
5 cups water (about 900 ml.or less than 1 liter)
2 cups cooking oil
flavoring (cheese or barbecue)

1. Grind corn and munggo separately.
2. Mix them together.
3. Add the vitamins and water, knead until smooth.
4. Put the dough into aluminum molds at 1.3 cm.thick.
5. Steam for 20 minutes.
6. Let the dough pass through a slicer at 2 cm.thick and desired shapes.
7. Dry in the oven at 60°C-65°C for 2 hours or under the sun.
8. Deep fry in oil until golden brown.
9. Put in pan and sprinkle with flavoring.
10. Seal in plastic bags, serve when desired.

Munggo Kropeck
To provide increased nutrients in the snacks of children, the addition of munggo flour has been tried and found acceptable.

5 cups rice flour
2½ cups munggo flour
2 cups oil or lard
1½ tbsp.flavoring (cheese or barbecue)
2/3 cup water

1. Separately, grind rice and munggo to make flour.
2. Mix them together and add water and salt. Mix well until it becomes a soft dough.
3. Spread the dough in an aluminum container about 1 cm.thick.
4. Cook in a double boiler for about 15 minutes.
5. Slice according to desired sizes or about 2 cm.each.
6. Dry in the sun until brittle.
7. Deep fry in boiling oil until crispy.
8. Sprinkle flavoring and shake well.
9. Serve or store in plastic bags. Seal.

Source: FNRI (DOST)

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