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Importance of Graduate Degree for Entrepreneurs

Only a handful of entrepreneurs made world history without pursuing graduate degrees, and most of their autobiographies indicate that they are very studious people. They were not only keen and avid readers, researchers and developers,...


Dried Mango – Sweet Dried Mangoes

Dehydrated or dried mango is made from the pulp of ripe carabao mangoes dried through the principle of osmosis followed by drying with the use of a cabinet electric dryer. The finished product is golden yellow with a semi-translucent, plump appearance with a chewable texture that is neither crisp nor leathery, and a flavor characteristic of sweetened mango.


How To Make Tahong Kroepoek

Tahong kroepoek which is a modification of the usual shrimp kroepoek comes in brittle square chips, result from the steamed mixture of the different ingredients such as salt, vetsin, tahong meat and rice, the latter...


How To Make Taho from Soybean

Taho is a sweet nutritious snack food usually peddled by a magtataho vendor found all over the Philippines. Taho is usually made of fresh soft/silken tofu, arnibal (brown sugar and vanilla syrup), and pearl sago...


Backyard Landscaping

Backyard Landscaping, Landscaping Ideas. Landscaping, sculpturing the biological and nonbiological materials into a single and beautiful living ecosystem.


How to Start a MicroLending Business

Microlending is a type of business financing that better thrives during recession. It focuses on small loans to help small businesses and new entrepreneurs in establishing or advancing their business. Microlending usually offer a much...


How to Make Waffles with Filling

How to make your own signature waffle and start a waffle business. The phenomenal success of Waffle Time has opened the door for many entrepreneurs to start their own waffle cart business. Everyone else wants...


Bangus Deboning (Milkfish) Video

What is bangus deboning? Bangus deboning is the process of removing the intermuscular and nuisance bones of bangus by manual method through the use of a forceps. The finished product is boneless bangus. Boneless bangus...

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