Entrep Planner 2012: The Best Business Ally

Entrep Planner 2012: The Best Business Ally

Nothing can be as exciting as the life of an entrepreneur. Along with that comes the daunting task of managing all demands. Tasks should be juggled, ensuring that nothing is missed.

Entrep Planner 2012 is designed as an entrepreneur’s business ally. Entrep Planner is your spot on partner to ensure that tasks at hand are being addressed while still enjoying a sense of balance in your life.

The maiden issue, Entrep Planner 2011, proved to be a success. It was sold out in Powerbooks, where it was exclusively distributed. It was also recognized by Spot.ph as one of the Top 20 Planners available in the market.

Entrep Planner 2012 is more exciting and engaging. It maintained the clean and organized monthly calendar and notes pages to aid ease in scheduling and notes-taking. It features an elastic cord to better organize your files. It also has special pages such as Tax Calendar and Steps to Register a Business to aid the needs of entrepreneurs.

Entrep Planner 2012 continues to highlight successful businesses and personalities to inspire aspiring and fellow entrepreneurs. The success stories of noted entrepreneurs, such as Mrs. Socorro Ramos of National Bookstore, Mrs. Lolita Hizon of Pampangga’s Best, Dra. Rosalinda Ang-Hortaleza of HBC, Mr. Bam Aquino of Hapinoy to name a few, will continue to fuel your desire and passion to thrive on your business.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Yet, Entrep Planner is here to assist and inspire. After all, we do need all the help we can get.

Entrep Planner 2012 will be available at National Bookstore and Powerbooks this November 2012.

For advance orders, you may call 09228923635 or 09177922625. Early availers are rewarded with a discount!

NOTE: I can email you pictures of Entrep Planner 2012. Kindly send me your email add. Thanks!

By: Jill J. Villanueva

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  1. Entrepreneurs 2011 says:

    hi! i am interested to get one. plese send me a picture. i want to order. here’s my e-mail: entrepreneurs.2011@gmail.com. thanks!

  2. Entrepreneurs 2011 says:

    hi! i am interested in getting a planner. may i see some pictures of it and would you mind giving me an idea how much is it? thanks! here’s my e-mail. entrepreneurs.2011@gmail.com. thanks!

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