How To Make Tahong Kroepoek

Tahong kroepoekTahong kroepoek which is a modification of the usual shrimp kroepoek comes in brittle square chips, result from the steamed mixture of the different ingredients such as salt, vetsin, tahong meat and rice, the latter being the main ingredient. These products are packed in airtight, polyethylene bags with net weights varying from 200-500 grams and it has a shelf-life of 1 year or even longer.

Tahong kroepoek is fried in deep hot fat and it goes well with fruit juice, soft-drinks or beer.

1 cup rice (laon)
1 ½ cup water
½ to 1 cup tahong meat
2 ¼ tsp salt
1 ½ tsp MSG (optional)
Food Color (optional)

1) Soak rice overnight. Drain well. Grind rice with tahong meat to produce a fine and thin paste.
2) Add salt, MSG and food coloring. Mix well.
3) Transfer a thin layer (about 2-3 tbsp of the mixture) into slightly greased pan.
4) Cook by steam for about 1-3 minutes until mixture becomes clear.
5) Cut into appropriate pieces (1” x 2” x 1/16”)
6) Transfer into wire trays and sun dry for 6 hours until crispy.
7) Store in cool dry place.

Tahong Kroepeck

Source: Fisheries Processing Section under Fisheries Post Harvest Technology Division (FPHTD)- bfar.da.gov.ph

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