How to Start a Pizza Parlor Business

Pizza PieAre you thinking about starting your own pizza business? Want to be the next Pizza Hut or Shakey’s? If so, you better get all of your ducks in a row.

Some points to ponder: Starting your own pizza business can be tricky and you must do some research before deciding if the pizza business is for you. If you haven’t already worked in a pizzeria, then perhaps you should work part time in a pizza place to learn the ropes or better yet attend pizza baking classes and trainings.

To make all things easier for you, why not start selling pizza from your house? Here are some steps on how to start your own pizza business.

First, get a food license, sanitary permits etc. You can apply for one at your local City Hall. It will allow you to prepare and sell food to others. Without one, this activity is illegal.

Second, get your equipment ready. Make a list of what you need to start up your pizza business. Buy a pizza oven, rolling pins and other items needed for your business.

If you don’t feel like making your pizza at home you can buy already made cheese pizza from the store and just add the toppings as people ask for them. Try to sell only one size. When shopping only buy enough item that you can store in your kitchen cabinet. Also only buy pots and pan that don’t require a huge kitchen sink to wash. Remember you may only be using your kitchen faucet to wash your pans.

Using your computer, design your flyers with your phone number in case you want to do door hanging. There are a lot of books you can buy on how to make pizza.

Remember the solution is always there all you need is patience.

The best place to sell your pizzas is at Bar 30 to 45 min before closing time.

Make a list of bars, stores and offices that are not far from your house cook 5 to 10 pizzas at the time and make your round.

How to market your Pizza business
A month before you open your business, start advertising. Send out fliers. Make a list of bars, stores and offices. If you have a budget, post ads in your local newspaper and on Internet social sites. Give out coupons. Let the public know that you are open for business and ready to serve them delicious pizza.

Tips & Warnings

* Always have few packages of Parmesan cheese, sauces and red peppers handy in case the customers ask for them.
* You can also make your round around businesses during lunch hour. Give your flyers or stick them on top of your pizza boxes in case people want to call you for a larger order.
* If you can’t make an order on time be honest and let your customers know. Do not try to make a lot of money by misleading your customers.
* Remember most of your customers will only call you when they are extremely hungry. The fastest you will deliver the better chances you have of gaining their business.
* Have other items that don’t require extra work in your menu, pop, salads, cheese cakes will be great.
* Do not be cheap if the pizzas are kept in the bag for over 45 min do not sell them. It’s your image your selling too. If you offer bad pizzas you will sell a lot the first few days but no one will buy from you again.
* If you plan on running your business by yourself do not complicate your operation too much.

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Photo: studentwork.rutgers.edu

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