6 Steps to Conducting 360-Degree Feedback

Getting a reliable assessment for your employees isn’t hard at all. With 360 degree feedback, you will get a valid score for each of your workers. It’s a process where the management takes an assessment of the employees’ performance. The feedback comes from many people. These people include customers, managers, colleagues, and subordinates.

But, not all companies conduct successful 360-degree feedback. Some have tried it for years without success. But that’s because they don’t know how to do it well.

Steps to Conducting 360-Degree Feedback Successfully

  1. Define the goals

There must be a vision that drives you to want to perform a 360-degree feedback assessment. Set clear objectives before embarking on any performance appraisal method. Your company is different from others. That’s why you’ll have to set goals different from other firms.

  • Decide the participants

Select feedback providers carefully. Some people are naturally critical about others. Ensure that you distinguish between realistic criticism and the silly ones. Also, make sure that you keep the feedback providers anonymous. Make them understand that their assessment will be confidential. They will, then, not fear to provide a reliable evaluation.

  • Prepare a relevant questionnaire

Prepare survey questions that will help assess the performance of the employees. Also, using the answers, identify the training needs of each worker. These questions should be able to help analyze employee behavior and performance. Moreover, the questionnaire will create self-awareness in those who were evaluated.

  • Familiarize the employees

The employees are part of the 360-degree feedback. You should familiarize them with the survey before they embark on the exercise. They should know why they are doing it. Also, you should assure that it will not have a negative impact. Besides, they must get to know the importance of 360-degree feedback. If you’re doing it for the first time, you can expect some apprehension from the employees. Your task is to assure them that such an exercise will not have any negative impact on them.

  • Lead the survey

The assessment should not be a reason to put business operation to a halt. Let it start with a particular group. Sensitize the employees on its importance. Then set time limits for each one of them. The questionnaires are concise and straightforward. They should, thus, take only a few minutes.

  • Provide a comprehensive report

You should gather and analyze the results of the 360-degree feedback. Then ensure that you produce a comprehensive report for every person. The report should be easy to understand. You should read it to each employee in a way that points out their weaknesses and strengths in a safe manner. You can begin with their strengths. Let them understand that everyone has their weak points. Decide together on the best way to reduce the weaknesses. You can propose some training programs or change of behavior. Some adverse behavior will need counseling or therapy. Let the employees see a willingness to help on your side.


This is the best way to rate your employee. It helps the employees achieve self-awareness. It also helps the management know the right training to cover the skill gap for each individual.    

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