7 Best Online Directories for Small Businesses

Want to enhance your visibility on the web? If yes, then this article will explain out the significance of listing to the directories.

If you run a small business that is not efficiently generating leads because people don’t know about it then you need to amplify the game. Whether it is an enterprise or any market in the USA, then you need to enlist your business on the online directories.  It is a pertinent opportunity to get more brand exposure for your business.

 Such platforms are such an opportunity where customers are given the option to explore any niche of the service provider or business. These directories are an essential part that needs to be accessed promptly for keeping connectivity. Likewise, in the whole world, people have been struggling to uplift their lead generation to enhance their sales. The same is the case people know the US Business directories. Businessmen also know that submitting to a business directory will add more profits to their business.

Potential of Online Business Directories

Attract new customers to your business when you stay in touch with your clientele by claiming your business on the top-tier online directories in the USA.

The directories flourish your businesses within no time. Additionally, when you choose their premium programs, you will be able to advertise small businesses in the online markets of the USA.  To get the optimal results, you need to sign up at these directories. If you are starting a new company or business and don’t have many resources to advertise then business directories can be helpful. These have plenty of options to make your business grow faster. You can keep in mind that giving value to business directories is a must for extracting profits and building up a solid customer base.

This article explains the top 7 online directories of the US so you need to know which are the popular names to trust and, on which listings you need to be enlisted?

Want some insights? worry not, this article can give you an overview so, you get to know where to enlist.

1. Google My Business

Google my business GMB is the most powerful listing as everyone starts to search for the products and services on google at first. Businessmen can create their accounts by filling out their basic information. Other than this creating a free business profile with google is also recommended. 

Your business will come up on the top of google searches and google maps. This is an effective feature of google to use as the visibility to your customers. More and more customers will get to learn more about a business as it also aids in building long-term relationships with the customers.

2. Angie’s List:

This is another pertinent business listing site offering business categories up to seven hundred. The access is given to the businesses for these is free of cost. It helps to showcase your business profile to potential customers. Your business presence gets stronger and you will see a massive response. It promotes by enchanting the traffic of more than ten to twelve million users. The feature of reviews and ratings make your business credibility boosted. Now handling your business online the same as a pro is easy when you list your business on Angie’s list.

3. Yelp:

Yelp is a prominent business networking site that tends to offer social networking too. It is a listing site that allows businesses to claim their businesses free of cost.

Wondering why Yelp is top ranked? is because it has covered many niches of enterprises and businesses. After claiming your business, you can respond to the reviews, do your advertising, and much more. This listing also gives you to analyze or monitor the activities of the users on your site. It helps to transform your traffic into sales. This platform encourages users to try out services with good ratings.

4. Better Business Bureau

BBB is one of the best business directories in the USA it is an authentic site that accentuates the credibility of businesses. It has a national partner program. It gives control of purchasing decisions to purchasers and sellers. This platform has the best free and paid packages too. If you want to expand your businesses on a local level and amp up your sales then Better Business Bureau can help you. It is solemnly a business directory that has an authenticity to maintain.

5. Bing Business

Bing is one of the most remarkable options for local businesses and companies. Claiming your business on Bing doesn’t take much time and it is affirmatively very convenient to use. You have to get through the verification process for your profile at first and then submit it to Bing. Many companies are presently flourishing already using the Bing Business.

6. Citylocal Pro

Citylocal pro is one of the top-notch business directories that allows your search engine optimization to become robust. It makes sure that you get real-time traffic.  It helps your business to reach a more customer base. It has the most expedient local directory which flourishes and leads to your business helping you to gain more profits. You can list on this website and expand your business. 


It is a platform that is widely used by people to explore businesses. In this platform, people tend to actively share the items which they find positive. The sharing makes it easy for people to get useful tips who are already searching for something. You can claim your business on foursquare and make it more popular.

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