Corporate training is essential for implementing any change management process with success

Despite knowing that change is the only constant in life, every individual is averse to accept it at least at the beginning. That is evident in our personal and professional lives, and the fear stems from the unknown that accompanies the change. We all love comfort and live by our habits that we do not want to give up in the event of any change that we keep resisting. However, change is in the air, and always developments are happening in the areas of technology, economy and business environment that usher in new things that we have to adapt for our survival and improvement.

Corporate training is essential for implementing any change management process with success 1

Organizations embrace change to gain a competitive advantage in business, and everyone has to respond to the changes in systems, strategies, and structures to move forward by aligning it with the culture of the organization. In this article, we will highlight why corporate training is essential to manage the process of change.

Training improves the success rate of change management

Both the management and employees are averse to change in varying degrees which results in the high failure rate of change initiatives (70%). The management often adapts unproductive behavior, and the negative attitude of employees is a significant bottleneck in transiting from one system to another. Studies reveal that 39% of employees resist change and 33% management behavior is detrimental to bring in any change. It is crucial to bring managers on board with the change because they set behavioral standards at the workplace and set the tone and tenor of the manner of ushering in change that employees would welcome. Training like the ones conducted by Proven Training Solutions sensitizes managers about the change, and they become the best advocates for change thereby making the change management process much more effective.

Training generates a sense of belongingness

There is often very poor clarity among employees at all levels about how the organization conducts business. Only a small section of corporate employees (40%) are aware of the company goals, tactics and strategies not to talk about other aspects such as beliefs, perception, values and shared assumptions about which no one has even the faintest idea.  Understanding the organization and the environment within it helps to generate a sense of belongingness that creates better employee engagement. Training employees with the aim of sharing mission and vision as well as values and strategies generate more awareness and motivate employees to adapt to the change with an open mind.

Training improves employee engagement

To keep attrition rates under check and create a band of loyal employees, it is essential to focus on improving employee engagement. Highly engaged employees would have minimal chances of leaving the organization and retention rate could be as high as 87%. Training helps to involve employees in the change management process by garnering their trust in the organizational objectives. The training teaches managers how to bring in the process of change gradually instead of forcing it upon employees.

Training helps employees to accept the change wholeheartedly that translate into organizational success.

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