Create An Attention Grabbing Market Booth With A Pop-Up Display

Entering the world of market trading can be exciting and rewarding. More people nowadays are opting to make their living as market traders, having recognized the many benefits such as flexible working hours and a relaxed working environment.

But as the main goal of running a stall is to make money, it’s important to focus on what needs to be done to achieve commercial success on the market scene.

A key determinant of whether your market stall will sink or swim is how it looks.

Turn your stall into an eye-catching emporium flooded with customers by paying attention to these areas:

1. Quality counts

Your stall should create the right first impression with customers by appearing professional.

Get the basics right by investing in a good quality marquee with waterproof coatings and Velcro sealed corners. This is where you’ll conduct your business, so you don’t want to look shabby. And you don’t want rain dripping over your products.

Also pick a good quality table for displaying your items – don’t be tempted to use an old pasteboard.

And for a really premium effect, use attractive flooring – not the often favoured dusty tarps.

Remember, this is the basis for your business. Don’t use cheap materials, or you’ll make your whole enterprise look trashy.

2. Stand out from the crowd

In a crowded market, you need your stall to reach out and grab the attention of customers. Using unusual props or adopting a unique theme (in keeping with your product range of course) can create a buzz around the market, which will draw a crowd of potential customers.

Using colour is another great way of creating a stand, which stands out! Develop bold graphics, which represent your products, and use these in and around the booth. Work with a professional company to get the look just right and then adopt the imagery consistently across all promotional materials. Additional stands around your booth can add to the visual impact – aDisplay Today Pop-up Display is an ideal way of complementing the overall look of the sales area.

3. Light it right

Choose lighting, which is in keeping with the mood you want to create in your stall. This will obviously depend on what you are selling and the type of market you are participating in.

If you are unsure, opt for soft lighting, which helps create an intimate, inviting ambiance suitable for most market opportunities. Highlighting specific products with high quality spotlighting will also contribute to the overall effect.

Add lighting to the display material around your stall to provide an impressive surround – this works particularly well if you are using a Display Today Pop-up Display.

4. Support your stall with an online presence

As you travel around markets, build up a customer base by creating an online presence. Nowadays this is easily achieved through social media, where you can develop a community around your brand.

Take the same professional approach to this area of work by using graphics and branding consistent with the booth display. You can, for example, adopt the same visual as you’ve used on your Display Today Pop-up Display.

So the overall message is that you need to get the fundamentals right – make your stall look good, attract customers, and then sell, sell, sell!

Mark Thomas is a man who knows about presentation. Whether in his former career of modelling or in his new role as a marketing consultant, Mark is an expert on how to make a visual impact. Mark Thomas is rapidly making a name for himself as a big hitter in the world of marketing, with a number of successful projects under his belt. Mark markets his own business with a range of promotional tools including a pop-up display by Display Today.

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