Digital Marketing Tips Every Startup Should Know

You have just launched your startup business and now is about time to get it in the eyes of as many people as possible. However, the problem here is not just about competing in the industry; the moment you began your campaign, you are also competing with millions of marketing messages that your prospects are bombarded with each and every day.

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Ideally, the rule of online marketing is to get your business website first before utilizing any social media. It isn’t just advisable to start on social media since its algorithms change faster than Google. You may just suddenly find out that your page becomes less visible to your followers. In this case, your marketing efforts will be put into waste and you would need to avail sponsorships yet again in order to reach the right people.

More than that, when your brand is already growing on social media and threatened competitors found out that your domain name is still available, there’s a chance that they’ll purchase it so your business won’t be able to go further. That’s how dirty the competition could be the reason why expert marketers suggest to get your business website before you market it on social media. If you’ve decided to have a business site and need a web design company to help you with your digital marketing objectives, I recommend that you read first about web design pricing in the Philippines so you’ll be guided when choosing the right agency for your business website.

Once you get your business website, your next move is to go social. Social media as may still not know is one of the best most cost-effective means to market your startup business. It serves  as a platform for growing your brand and offers an easy medium for customers service and promotional opportunities. Below are the top tips for your social media marketing:


Social media has become a great way in building your brand’s voice. To leverage it even more, you should not only need regular posting. You must also see to it that you’re creating a uniformed identity on your posts, making it easier for your audience to recognize your style. In addition, do not over post or deviate from your actual brand’s message. Remember that the ideal number of best number of posts to social websites like Facebook is between 5 and 10 times per week, for Twitter it’s 5 tweets a day, and for Google+ or LinkedIn is only once a day.


Remember that It isn’t about you, it’s about your audience. If you’re using social networks entirely for promotions, your business marketing campaign will certainly fail. Though your main objective here is to market, ensure that you are providing your audience with real value. Be sure to give what they need and what would help them. That being said, what you need to do is look and share information that can be useful and interesting to your customers. Your promotional content should only be occasionally mixed or else, you’ll lose all your followers.


Social media without a doubt is a great way for your startup to begin interacting with already clients and prospective customers. You should leverage your followers and try to make them feel like very valuable members of your brand. You should not be afraid of any social confrontation, approach every complaint on your product or service as an opportunity to show how great your brand’s customer-service capabilities are. 

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