Innovative Ways Real Estate Agents Can Be Better In Serving Their Clients

As a real estate agent, you need to ensure your team has the right motivation to offer unabated customer service to your clients. 

The satisfaction of your clients and the friendly temperament of your staff in the rather long real estate acquisition process call for delicate attention.

Real Estate Agents

There is a need to ensure your staff are always positive, relaxed, and friendly at all times.

The following are proven ways to improve your customer service experience:

Discover and Follow Up Quickly on Leads

It is paramount that your team find and follow up on leads quickly. The real estate market is such a highly competitive one. You don’t have the luxury of time over nailing a client to yourself. 

You need to grab every opportunity with both arms by demonstrating adorable customer service and keep the doors of your competitors closed for you. Use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application or other tools like https://showcaseidx.com/what-is-idx-integration/ to monitor all your leads and customer relationship history. This tool will help guarantee your team provides the specific needs of a client at the time needed. 


  • Eases the task of accessing the available information on clients and prospective clients 
  • Enables your team to receive and respond quickly to inquiries without having to search through emails or spreadsheets for old info.
  • Allows you to automate some processes regarding the customer progress
  • Notes clients and prospects who have seen and read your emails so you can plan the next steps.
  • Helps you manage your sales and customer reviews and feedbacks

Anticipate Client Needs and Requests 

Getting ahead of your clients is a sure way to win their hearts and keep them always at ease. As a seasoned real estate professional, it is helpful to anticipate client needs and questions; having the ability to give them an almost perfect reply at all times. 

To be good at this, your team has to know the clients. They must be close enough to find out what’s more important to them so as to do above their expectations. You sure need to prove to your clients that you value them.

In this way, they’ll grow twice as loyal and you can easily gain referrals and a lingering agent/client relationship. 

Be Honest and Factual

Don’t beat around the bush when you need to give direct responses. “Yes or No; Now or Later” are mostly needed when there are going to be changed in the original agreement. Clients appreciate an honest real estate agent. 

For instance, if you foresee delays in the closing for one or more reasons, get your clients updated immediately so that they can make adjustments in their schedules.

Let your clients understand the requirements before a showing. Partial information is not acceptable.

Move Along With The Customer

As a real estate professional, you are well accustomed to its ups and downs; and even with your knowledge and experience, the whole process can be sometimes overwhelming. 

What about your clients? 

To them also, buying or selling a home is both stressful and time-consuming.

Get your team to take the time to go over the selling process in detail with clients who are new in the real estate buying business. You can liaise with your agents to prepare and hand over helpful resources to clients at different stages during real estate buying.

Resources like informative videos, podcasts, or FAQ documents that can be emailed to clients to view at their leisure are not a bad idea. 

Emailing information is always a better way to communicate than passing printed information around.

Always Be Easy To Find

Delaying your clients when they have an urgent message to pass across or when they want to make a pressing inquiry is a bad move. Your team must be up and doing; able to pick calls quickly and politely. 

When a call is missed, they should return such calls quickly. This way clients feel valued. Your agents must be prepared for calls from clients at any time of the day. 

So, you need to think about offering practices like working from home or giving days off to your team. 

Anything to get the results desired should be allowed.

Get Creative

Be on the lookout for optimum strategies that will widen your gap with competitors. Your team should be motivated to bring up constructive ideas to ensure your clients are the most satisfied. 

Things to do to get more personal and more familiar with the client should be welcome. 

Giving a birthday gift or identifying with one of their festivals, parties, or other occasions are among ideas your agents should raise to leave a lasting positive memory mark on your clients.

Provide Up to Date Information on Your Pamphlets and Boards and Portals

Giving outdated information is detrimental to the success of your real estate business. It can easily send the wrong signals and drive away potential clients. Remember that bad news always spreads faster than good news.

woman reading news Real Estate Agents

Always review all of your documentation and marketing materials to be sure the information in them is current. You need to watch out for the latest information from sources like the state government and your state’s real estate association.

Check if any part of the info directly affects you or your client and instantly transmit the new information.

Your team must also have the latest information to share since they are closer to the clients. 

These are some of the best practices to always keep ahead of your competitors in the ever-competitive real estate industry.

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