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twitter applications listTwitter was launched publicly in August of 2006 and you can see how twitter has risen to prominence as one of the most popular community along with facebook to share your status and ideas in short messages.

Due to its increasing popularity, many businesses have realized the potential uses of Twitter in business marketing. In the article “17 Ways You Can Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners, Marketers and Business Owners”, Maki listed some of its uses. Businesses used it for personal branding, promoting products, getting feedbacks, hiring people, generating web traffic, making new friends, notifying customers, finding business prospects, setting up meetings, updating business events and more.

For those who are new to Twitter, Twitter is basically a way to answer the question, “What are you doing?” The creative folks at Common Craft have put together a handy video tutorial to explain what Twitter is:

There are hundreds of cool twitter applications that can be found on numerous sites that will help you manage the way you use Twitter. I collated through tons of applications to bring you the most helpful in marketing your small business. But before anything else here are 20 Ways To Tweet: For Companies, Corporations & Small Businesses.

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Here are some Business Twitter Applications:

Tweet Adder is a professional twitter marketing tools enabling anyone to gain hundreds if not thousands of followers on Twitter based on your target community members, instantly. Also you can automate your twitter posts, automate direct messages, automate unfollow twitter users and more. Use Tweet Adder to boost your online business in just a matter of minutes.

StockTwits is an open, community-powered idea and information service for investments. Users can eavesdrop on traders and investors, or contribute to the conversation and build their reputation as savvy market wizards.

Paypertweet allows people to make money on Twitter, and it gives advertisers the ability to buy word-of-mouth marketing.

Twittad is a Social Media Affinity Network that connects Advertisers and Twitter users.

Magpie, a Twitter advertising network, assists brands to harness the power of conversation. Magpie’s platform enables advertisers to create relevant, controlled and individualized sponsored conversations in a mutually beneficial partnership between advertisers and twitterers.

TwAitter is an application that has recently named as one of the ”Top 5 Twitter Business Applications” by PCWorld Magazine and CIO Magazine.

BakerTweet is a way for busy bakers to tell the world that something hot and fresh has just come out of the oven. It is as simple as turning the dial and hitting the button. All of the baker’s followers get a Twitter alert to tell them that it is bun-time.

Tweetvite makes it easy to create invitations for events you’re hosting or to find local Tweetups in your area.

Tweettronics is a way to discover, track and engage with Twitter conversations about your products, brands, and topics.

Followbase is a real-time customer service & support forum for any company that uses Twitter. Using the application, you can post ideas, problems, and questions and have them answered by the Support Team. FollowBase also displays the list of tweets where your product has been mentioned.

TwitRobot allows you to send product link to bulk users on twitter and direct huge traffic to your website.

Tweet-U-Later allows you to send timed serial tweets (every day or two) about a new product launch.

Bubbletweet is a short video (currently up to 30 secs) that plays in a floating Bubble video player over your “twitter” page and when it’s over, it pops and goes away.

TwitMesh brings to you Twitter tools and fun at one place. Features like Twitter Groups, Twitter Invitations, Twitter IM and Twitter Search.

Monitter is a live twitter monitor, it lets you “monitter” the twitter world for a set of keywords and watch what people are saying in real time.

Twit this allow visitors to your blog or website to easily post Twitter messages about you or your business.

Twitterfox is a Firefox extension that allows you to post Twitter updates without visiting the Twitter site each time.

Future Tweets allows you to schedule your business/ product/ service tweet ahead of time for a specific date and time.

tweetbeep is like Google Alerts for Twitter. Get emailed when someone is twittering about you, your company, your product, or your website!

Twitter Counter displays the number of Twitter followers on your business blog or website. Add the badge to your site and invite customers to follow you on Twitter.

Group Tweet enables all employees within your company to post updates which can be privately viewed only by your group of approved members.

Twitxr llows you to post product pictures and updates from your mobile phone directly to Twitter.

Track This enables tracking of any UPS, USPS, FedEx or DHL shipment. Updates are sent to your Twitter account direct messages whenever your package changes location.

CoTweet is a platform that helps companies reach and engage customers using Twitter. CoTweet allows multiple people to communicate through corporate Twitter accounts and stay in sync while doing so.

Digsby is a multiprotocol IM client , an email notification tool, a social networking tool that alerts you of events like new messages and gives you a live Newsfeed of what your friends are up to.

TwitterHawk is a real time targeted marketing engine that will find people talking on twitter now by your chosen topic and location, allowing you to really hit your target mid conversation with ease.

TwitPic lets you share photos in twitter. You can also post pictures from your phone. This would be a good way to introduce your new product to your network of followers.

Twellow is a twitter directory service that enables you to easily search specific niches, find and follow people that interest you most.

Twitalyzer is a unique tool to evaluate the activity of any brand, product or company in Twitter and report on relative strength, signal-to-noise ratio, favor, passion, clout, and other useful measures of success in social media.

Twitter Job Search is the Social Media Job Search Engine. This application searches available job positions discussed on Twitter. You can browse any job positions and see what jobs are tweeted in twitter.

Tweetmeme is a service which aggregates all the popular links on Twitter to determine which links are popular. TweetMeme categorize these links into Categories, Subcategories and Channels, making it easy to filter out the noise to find what you’re interested in.

Topify provides its users with much more informative email notifications than the standard email templates sent by Twitter itself.

Tweefind is a twitter search engine. The resulting page will appear by User rank.

Tweetbrain is a is a crowd sourcing service powered by the Twitter community. It helps people and businesses build more connections using the Twitter platform. TweetBrain fosters mutually beneficial exchanges through the interchange of Q&As, boosting the viral effect of social networking.

Just Tweet It is a twitter directory created to make it easier for people using the popular micro-blogging service Twitter to find other “Tweeters” with similar interests.

Twubble is a tool which will automatically find people who are compatible with your interests. However, if you follow too many people, then Twubble may recommend some people that you already follow.

Twittie Me is a place to advertise your Twitter page for free and get more followers.

Twitdir is a twitter directory that allows you to search for words in usernames, locations or descriptions.

Twittermass enables you to dynamically connect and communicate with your target audience on Twitter. Announce sales, promotions, or upcoming events. Start a dialogue and get valuable feedback in real time.

Tweetdeck is your mobile browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now on Twitter from your iPhone or iPod Touch. TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organised and up to date no matter where you are.

Twit2Do is a twitter application useful in managing a to-do list for important work assignments. It helps you organize the important items according to their priority.

ConnectTweet is a great application that lets real people represent your group or business on Twitter from their own Twitter accounts. It allows the contributors to the central Twitter stream with their same personal accounts which they have been using on twitter. This approach also allows followers to connect with your employees as well.

Tweetlaw is a twitter application designed specifically for legal professionals. Tweetlaw is a great way to be found and to find professionals in the legal community.

Splitweet is a Free multi-account managing & brand monitoring application. It allows you to send tweets from all your twitter accounts, view your friends’ tweets, send direct messages, favorites and also get involved into the conversation with brand/keyword monitoring.

TweeTrans is a twitter application that allows you to translate your tweets automatically into over 40 languages. It also has a Twitter bot feature that enables you to get a translation by tweeting the text to translate.

Visit for more Twitdom a twitter application database.

I hope these twitter applications can help you in accomplishing your business goals successfully.

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