MSE Marikina Shoe ExchangeMSE or Marikina Shoe Exchange is a wholesaling company that focuses on direct selling and is created solely for business-oriented people who have a network of dealers like you. You can earn more here in MSE because of the great discounts that you can avail and affordable prices on our products. You just need a small capital to start your own business.

With the vast opportunities offered by the direct-selling industries and multi-level marketing to people, companies like MSE and the like are now receiving more and more member-dealers everyday with the rate of recruitment continuing to get high.

MSE Products

For Men and Women

MSE offers a wide range of good quality and fashionable products that suits different lifestyles. These products range from apparel and shoes to bags and accessories.

The company launches new products and styles atleast every after two months to suit the likes of their customers. These are featured in their catalogues made available and accessible in MSE stores or dealers.

For Kids

MSE also caters the needs of kids through their fashionable and colorful products that are sure to fit the fun and lively attitude of the young people.

The company also have its “Character Shop” that features products (apparels, shoes, bags, accessories) fashioned and inspired by children-loved characters like Bratz, Marvel Comics, and Looney Tunes—products that will surely put a smile to every child.


MSE also offers a line of cleaning products that suits the need of every home among these are the following:

1. Fragrant- floral fresh fabric softener
2. Fresh- floral fresh laundry detergent
3. Greenapple- dishwashing liquid
4. Neat- toilet bowl cleaner

How To Become an MSE Distributor – Easy Ways of becoming an MSE member

Contact the nearest branch within your location. Fill all necessary information as complete and as accurate as you can when asked by the operator. After the conversation, wait for a confirmation message that will be sent to you through a phone call.

Or, leave your contact information and the operator will personally call you.

Click Register Now! located at the menu bar. From there, fill in the necessary information and choose your branch from the drop-down menu. Choose the branch that is near your location for easy access. After that, click Send and wait for a confirmation message via SMS, phone call or through email.

MSE membership is a lifetime membership and is exclusively free! Fast-paced registration and orientation in less than a day will keep you hassle-free!

Bring two 1 x 1 ID pictures and two valid IDs (any government ID that can establish your identity). Get a registration form from the branch personnel. Fill in all the necessary information. The branch personnel will personally get your registration form and key in your information in their database. After successfully registering your information in their database, the branch personnel will give you a brief orientation about MSE’s Marketing Plan. After that, you’re all set.

Through this, MSE opens the opportunity for additional income to working people, at home moms, students and others.

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