Aromatic oils are used in perfumery, cosmetics, flavoring of food, and in aromatherapy. Aromatic oils can help you relax, lift your mood, banish your headaches and migraine–even drive away insects. And in some of them can make you fall sleep faster, deeper.

aromatic oilsYou can actually make your own products using aromatic oils either for your family consumption–particularly for freshening rooms, linens, and car interiors–or as a sideline business.

184 ml 96% deodorized alcohol
1/2 teaspoon (0.72 ml) fixative
38.4 ml demineralized or distilled water
3.6 ml fragrance-grade dipropylene glycol (DPG)
12 ml fragrance2 drops liquid food color
1 pc 500ml Boston bottle with mushroom cap
1 pc 200-ml bottle with sprayer
1 pc 30-ml bottle with sprayer
1 pc graduated cylinder
1 pc measuring spoon
1 stick toothpick

The combined volume of the liquid materials you will use is 238.72 ml.

Dos and Don’ts
– Don’t use containers and measuring spoons that are currently used for processing food.

– Do keep the substances away from the reach of children.

– Do keep fragrance substances in a cool, dark place. Because they are highly flammable substances, fragrances and alcohol should be kept away from fire and too much heat.

– Do close the cap of the alcohol container tightly to prevent the substance from evaporating.

– Do cover the surface of your worktable with a linen or plastic sheet to prevent the surface from being stained.

Steps in Making your own Aromatic Oils

Step 1. Gather the materials needed to make aromatic oils.
Step 2. Measure the fragrance.
Step 3. Pour it into the Boston bottle.
Step 4. Measure the DPG, alcohol, and fixative
Step 5. Add them to the fragrance, one after the other.
Step 6. Shake the Boston bottle with the mixture after every time you add a substance.
Step 7. Mix in the right amount of water.
Step 8. Shake the mixture for 30 minutes.
Step 9. Get the toothpick dipped in food color. Dip the toothpick into the bottle until the room freshener attains the color you desire.
Step 10. Shake the mixture to spread the color evenly. Now pour the room freshener into the packaging bottle.

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