Start the New Year Right! EARN UP TO 30K per Day!

You wouldn’t be on this page if you weren’t looking for a solution to building a stable income on top of the job or business that you have right now, or simply, maybe a solution to attaining true financial freedom. You may be currently employed but need extra income and NOT another JOB. Perhaps you are unemployed and need financial security but NOT a BOSS. Then you have come to the right place! Be your own boss now!

At 1Bro, you can be a dealer of our products that need no hard-selling. In the Philippines, there are now four (4) basic commodities instead of just three:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • … You guessed it right. PREPAID LOAD!

1Bro carries over 400 products that facilitate continuous consumption and usage of independent providers’ services who utilize the prepaid loading system. These service providers are the major telecommunications companies, and content and utilities services providers.

As majority of mobile phone users in the Philippines use prepaid credits, prepaid credit distribution has become a stable means of generating income.

As a dealer of 1Bro, you generally get the opportunity to earn in five (5) ways:

1.) Through discounted prepaid credits (up to 25%).

2.) You can subscribe individual retailers to help you distribute prepaid load credits.

3.) You earn from override bonus when retailers order.

4.) You can subscribe other dealers and earn referral bonus.

5.) You earn from override on commissions generated by dealers you subscribed.

This opportunity gives you multiple revenue streams. To learn about the dealership program and the dealer compensation plan which involves two (2) more incentive schemes, set an appointment with our team by contacting us now!

Right now we are still in the Pioneering stage. You have already taken the initial step. You’re on your way to financial freedom! Take the next step – CALL US NOW!

We’re conducting business orientation meeting every saturday @ mc donald, edsa, MRT Station, Quezon Ave., Quezon city @6pm. JOIN US NOW! Contact our team: 0933.272.37.97 / 0905.277.01.59 / mr.artosorio@gmail.com

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