Starting A Greeting Card Business That Is Truly Your Own

Starting A Greeting Card Business That Is Truly Your Own
by: Kaitlyn Miller

There are two ways you can start your greeting card business: either you go freelance and submit your work to a greeting card printing company; or you can always design and produce your own custom greeting cards and sell them yourself.

So if you think that the second one is more your act, then here’s the article to help you jump start your greeting card business.First of all, when you design and print your own custom greeting cards, you are your own boss. This means that you don’t have to care about other people dictating what you need to put in your design. You have total control over what you are creating. You don’t have any guidelines to follow; no editor or supervisor to give you instructions; and definitely, no establishment to adhere to. You can do whatever and however you like because it’s your own idea; it’s your own design.

The downside however, is that you do everything on your own. In addition to the creative part, you also take care of the production, the supply, financing for your printing project, marketing, selling, bookkeeping, accounting and all the administrative stuff. As such, you need to wear many hats and be a jack-of-all-trades in order for your greeting card to get to the public.

What you can do to lessen the burden is to be prepared and carefully plan your greeting card business. You can start by doing your samples and prototypes. Put them all together and decide what types of custom greeting cards you will be creating – humorous, romantic, preppy, sentimental, recreational or inspirational. To do this, you need to have the right research. Study what is already in the market. Find companies whose offerings are compatible with the type of work you do. Find out what’s working or have worked with these companies and try to apply the principle in your greeting card printing. This way, you can get a firm idea of what designs can work or not.

Another way to be successful in this business is to learn the ropes when it comes to the technical aspect of the industry. Where should you sell your greeting cards? What printing method and color choices do you need? What paper and envelope would you be using? Do you need to rent space for your business? Do you need a sales staff?

Next, make sure that you create only originals and unique designs. You have to experiment with many options to arrive at the best concept. You may need to spend time experimenting on various materials. Because the more original your design, the more you can have the opportunity to be successful.

So whether you choose to go freelance or do it on your own, preparation and planning is key to better opportunities to create profits for your business.

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Source: Starting A Greeting Card Business That Is Truly Your Own

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