6 Steps You Can Follow For Proper Maintenance of Your AC Unit

Do you have an AC unit which you have been using at home over a couple of years? To ensure that it offers a satisfactory quality of service for yours to come, you will have to devote considerable time to its upkeep. There are some steps you can follow to ensure the proper maintenance of your AC. Some of these are discussed below-

Get Your AC Inspected Once A Year By An HVAC Technician

AC unit AC maintenance

To ensure that your AC functions efficiently during the summer, you need to call a professional HVAC technician for inspection in advance. Companies that offer AC repair services in Houston offer tune-up services to ensure that AC units operate efficiently. Getting your AC inspected by a professional will help you find out whether all its components are in perfect working condition or not. He will check the coolant levels and detect the most severe problems that might have cropped up after years of usage, such as refrigerant leaks and fix it. An annual inspection of your AC  will enhance its energy efficiency and ensure that it doesn’t suffer significant breakdowns in future.

Keep Your AC Filters

To ensure the efficiency of your AC, make sure that its filters are cleaned or replaced. Clogged filters block the normal flow of air. They can harm the efficiency of your AC. When the normal flow of air is blocked, air which passes through the filter might carry dirt to the evaporator coil and damage the heat-absorbing capacity of the coil. By replacing a dirty filter with a clean, new one, you can keep a check on your energy bills.

Usually, the filters of filter air conditioners are placed close to the return duct. Common filter locations are the AC unit, walls or furnaces. Air conditioners meant for cooling rooms are equipped with a filter mounted on the grill which faces the room. Some filters can be reused while others need to be replaced. They are of different types, and their efficiencies tend to vary. Make sure that you clean or replace your AC unit’s filter or filters each month during the summer. If your AC unit is continuously used, then your filters will need more attention.

Have A Look At Your AC Unit’s Pipe Insulation

Disintegrated insulation can harm your AC’s cooling power. Have a look at the insulation covering of the coolant pipes during the summer season. If necessary, get them replaced to ensure the efficient functioning of your AC. Replace the older insulation with the new one.

Clean The AC’s Inside Unit

Find out the door of the evaporator coil inside the AC unit. Remove the door and dust the coil with a soft brush. Then, utilize a no-rinse coil cleaner and spray the coil for cleaning. Once the spray foam drops within the drain pan, clean the latter using hot water, soap and some bleach. Pour a mixture of bleach and hot water down the unit drain. Then, to check the growth of algae in the inside unit put a pan tablet in the pan. Get the evaporator door replaced and seal it using duct tape.

Ensure That There Is No Blockage In The Evaporator Drain

When you perform the step mentioned above, check whether the water drains easily or not. In case it doesn’t, there might be a clog in the evaporator drain. A plugged drain might cause the AC unit to stop cooling. Find out the drain line and use a vacuum to clear the drain. Run the vacuum for a few minutes for removing the algae that might be growing inside it.

Replace The Blower Filter

Once you replace the filter of the interior return vents, focus on the blower filter inside the AC unit. This filter needs to be replaced twice a year, before the outset of heating and cooling seasons. Replace them more frequently if it is necessary. The blower filter is situated on that part of the indoor unit where the fresh air return duct enters the AC unit. 

Make sure that you replace the existing filter with a new one that has the same airflow rating. Match the air-flow director arrows on your filter with the ones that are on the unit. Change the air conditioner filters to ensure the smooth running of your AC. A clogged filter will block airflow and won’t allow the AC unit to cool your home.

An HVAC technician who has been in the business for many years will prescribe you numerous ways through which you can maintain your AC. By following his advice, it will be easier for you to maintain your AC and increase its durability.

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