7 Questions Clients Will Ask a Roofing Installation Biz

When having work done on your home any smart homeowner is going to have some questions for the contractor. Your roof not only keeps your house dry but also protects your home from weather damage. When having roof work done, you need to make sure you have the right company doing the job.

Roofing Installation

How does your pricing compare to other companies?

Before having any work done on your home, you should always make sure did you are getting a fair price. As a result, when talking to a contractor you need to see how his prices compare to others in the area. For example, if you are looking for a roofing contractor in Austin, Texas you are going to want a price comparison with other roofers in Austin. It is the only way to make sure the quoted price is fair.

What will you do if the weather turns bad during the job?

The only thing certain about the weather is that it is sure to change. Before the roofer tears up your roof, you are going to want to know what his contingency is if it starts to rain. You need to make sure the contractor is ready to cover the roof with some form of waterproof sheeting.

What is your roofing experience like?

An important thing to know when looking for a roofing contractor is how much experience they have in the business. One factor is how long the company has been in business, but more importantly, you want to know how much experience the owners have in the industry. They could have just started the business yesterday, but if they personally have been replacing roofs for many years then that does not matter. What matters is that they know what they are doing when working on your roof.

Are you licensed and insured?

When hiring a roofing contractor, you want to make sure that they are properly insured, bonded, and licensed. Now each state has different laws regarding license requirements, but you need to make sure they are up to date. You also need to make sure they have the resources, insurance, and bonding, to cover any damage that may happen while working on your home. If they lack these resources, then it is too risky to be doing business with them.

Can you provide me with reviews and references?

Nothing helps the credibility of a business as do honest reviews and references. Reviews and references are comments made by past customers about their experience with the company. Today you can usually find references and reviews either on a company’s website, or their social media pages. If a company cannot provide comments from past customers, unless they are a new company, it is a sign of a problem. Ultimately, a Google search for reviews of the company should turn up something.

Do you provide free written estimates?

Any honest company wants to earn your trust and business by offering you a free written estimate. If they refuse to offer either, they are a company you should not do business with. A free estimate will allow you to get the price without any risk. A written estimate gives you a price that they cannot claim was different than what you have. A company’s willingness to provide a free written estimate shows honesty and confidence in its ability.

Does your work come with any warranties?

Another sign of a company’s honesty and confidence is offering a warranty on the work that they do. Such warranties are not against natural forces, but they tend to be against manufacturer defects and worker mistakes. These warranties usually are good for twenty to twenty-five years to the original customer. Such a warranty shows a company’s willingness to stand behind the materials they use as well as their own workmanship.

Before having roofing work done on your house it is important for the client to ask some questions. Asking these questions in advance can avoid unpleasant surprises later. Before having any work done on your home you should get to know the company. This way your experience will be more likely to be a positive one.

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