Find Your Way Through the Dark- 9 Essential Tips to Survive a Power Outage

Power outages can happen anywhere at any time in the world. When a natural disaster takes place or let’s say due to a problem in the power lines or a defect. In today’s world, most natural happenings are predicting before time but you don’t know about their intensity and it would be best to prepare for them beforehand than not. For this reason, below are some of the strategies that will prove to be useful in the situation of a blackout.

Before an Outage Happens

Having arrangements in place for an outage is a smart thing to do to protect your family and your property from any damage.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit for an outage should be well stored to have easy access to. It can include everything you may need in case of an outage. It can have everything from non-perishable foods to special needs for the elderly and kids to having activities to do in a blackout.

Have Flashlights Nearby

Having flashlights stuffed in faraway drawers where reaching them would be a hassle or would hurt you can be dangerous. Torches are needed to navigate through the dark that is created by the blackout. Have them handy and also keep spare batteries nearby.

Invest in a Generator

A generator is an essential emergency item to have in your lodging in case of a blackout. It can provide electricity for a couple of hours and keep things running in the house. Safely operate a generator outside a place of your residence according to the safety manual.

Have Phone Lines Connected

If a burglar happens to step into your house by shutting off your electric supplies, you should at least have your landline working to call on authorities. In a case like this, you can have in place a replacement battery from EnerSys Australia to back up your NBN system to have access to desktop phones and internet connection.

During the Blackout

In the event of a blackout, the situation of walking can get dangerous and it can become difficult to survive. As many appliances are shut off, that were essential in making the environment of a home livable.

Inform the Authorities

As soon as you receive a blackout, you need to inform the authorities behind the electricity supply of your home. They can tell you about the issue that caused it and state how much time it can take to get it back on. If you have any concerns or need medical attention to a family member, informing them can help seek emergency care.

Light-Up Candles

If the blackout is to last several hours, your flashlights and batteries can end and leave you without light. You can light up candles at an elevated place where nobody can reach and get hurt.

Power on Your Radio

Get the radio from your shelf and operate it to work. With this, you can get the latest news on the country and equip yourself accordingly.

Stay Away From Power Supply

The chances are that your power supply experienced a shock and or the wires suffered from a leak. In a situation of lights-out, it is wise to call someone to take a look rather than touching the exposed wires or a sensitive power system yourself.

Keep Refrigerator Closed

The food in your refrigerator and especially that which is stored in your freezer will start to be exposed to heat and may perish. You need to educate your family not to open its doors too frequently to have the food go bad faster as you’ll need to it in case a natural disaster is in place.

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