How to Design Your Bathroom for Wellness

If you plan on designing a wellness bathroom in your home, here is how you can create that peaceful and relaxing space that helps you reduce stress and anxiety after a long day at work.

Design Your Bathroom

Connect with Nature

When we think about ways of relaxing and soothing our nerves, nature is one of the first things that pop up in our mind. The peaceful sounds of nature, warm sunshine on our skin, and pleasant smells of the most colourful flowers make the natural setting appear so calming and relaxing. So, when you are trying to bring in some of that same feeling into your own bathroom, connecting with nature is one of the best ways to achieve that goal.

This closeness to nature is actually one of the most prominent concepts of wellness-focused interior designs. Humans inherently have a very intense urge and desire to connect with nature.

To incorporate some nature into your bathroom you can introduce organic elements into that space that have been proven to create a perfect environment for reducing stress and anxiety. On top of that, they will boost your motivation, energy and mood while purifying the air and creating a much healthier environment.

If you want to start subtly introducing nature into your bathroom you can start by adding small house plants in your bathroom.

Reduce the Noise

Though calming nature sounds can help you relax, not all sounds are great for a relaxing environment. You will find it much harder to relax in a space with constant noise. It will be challenging to “turn off” your mind for a bit and actually enjoy the moment. So, if you plan on doing any bigger renovations, installing a high-quality sound isolation should be your top priority. There is nothing better than coming home to a nice hot bath and not having to worry about loud neighbours. If you enjoy listening to some music, you can play some relaxing lo-fi beats or some ambient sounds and white noises that will help you relax while taking a bath.

Declutter your space

You can probably tell that your mind is a lot more clouded and it ismore challenging to focus on anything when you are surrounded by mess. There is something about messy and unorganised spaces that makes us feel trapped and small. With this kind of environment you will never be able to fully relax, forget about your worries and have some quality me-time.

In other words, if you want to create a calming environment that will help you release stress and anxiety, you need to declutter and organise your bathroom. This task may be challenging and making your feel overwhelmed, but it is okay to take it slow and easy. Start by taking care of the easiest tasks. For instance, you can start by picking up the dirty clothes off the floor and putting them away to be washed. Then, you can clean the vanity, and lastly you can create more sufficient storage for any cleaning products, makeup, skin care, towels, and so on. Once your bathroom is clean and decluttered you will find it a lot easier to breathe and relax.

Embrace Barrier-Free Design

There is a reason why curb-less showers and wet rooms are so popular in wellness bathroom designs. Firstly, these are specifically designed to help you avoid any obstacles. As such, they provide a very convenient shower experience no matter what your age is or your abilities. Other than that, these barrier-free concepts create a sense of open space that can feel very calming. Not only do they look sophisticated and luxurious but they are great for allowing smooth energy flow throughout the bathroom.

Try Chemical-Free Cleaning

Of course, chemicals are commonly used for cleaning lots of surfaces in the bathroom. We all have them and use them. However, did you know that using them in your bathroom often can end up penetrating your skin and contaminating your other products in the bathroom? What you can use instead to avoid this issue is to start using organic products to clean your bathroom.

For starters, you can start by upgrading your plastic or cloth shower curtain to a glass shower door. These shower curtains soak so much moisture in that simply ends up staying in there for a long time. This is a favourable environment for bacteria growth and spread and that is the last thing you want in your bathroom. You can maintain the glass doors and keep them clean pretty easily with chemical-free water, lemon and vinegar solution.

Upgrade to hand dryers

As we have mentioned, keeping your space decluttered and clean is a huge factor in creating a relaxing and calming place where you get to unwind and take a warm bath after a long day. So, another great tip for keeping things clean and tidy in the bathroom is to invest in high-quality hand dryers instead of using towels.

First of all, drying your hands with a towel will lead to a lot of accidental water spillage. The moisture and water getting stuck everywhere creates environment where bacteria can grow. Also, it can lead to slippery floors. Secondly, using a towel that doesn’t get to dry up properly most of the time before using it again is another way to spread bacteria. With a hand dryer, you get to dry your hands without any contact with a towel used by several different people, thus preventing further bacteria spread.

Express Your Style

Lastly, whatever design you choose for the bathroom, don’t be afraid to express yourself. Certain designs are trends because they are popular and look good, but that doesn’t mean that you have to opt for the same thing, They say that using softer and lighter colours is better for a wellness bathroom, but if you find darker colours more soothing then who’s to tell you not to choose an intense burgundy or emerald green for your bathroom design? Choose a design that suits your ideas and wishes.


All in all, when designing a wellness bathroom, strive to create a calming environment that helps reduce your anxiety and stress. Whether it is through plants, warm colours, or something else, find what suits you best and use it for your bathroom design.

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