Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Commercial Properties

Keeping up your commercial property is a hard process, but if you break maintenance tasks down by season it will be easier to simplify upkeep. Dividing each task by season means you’ll have a smaller, more organized way of upkeeping your business as well as keeping your property in top shape.

Commercial Property Maintenance by Season 

When dividing tasks begin by brainstorming the various times of year tasks that are best suited to be completed. Here are a few examples of maintenance tasks broken down by season.

Spring: Check for damage from the winter. There may be cracks in the foundation or pavement from ice expanding. It’s also a great time to wash windows and pressure wash dirt from the sidewalks.

Summer: Firstly, make sure to check the HVAC is running efficiently. Summer is also a great time to inspect for pests with its long days and warmer temperatures. These may include rodents, insects, and other common invaders in your location.

Fall: With the cooler temperature in fall it is a great time to check that heat is working properly. It’s also important to keep up with the accumulation of leaves and prep for winter by inspecting the roof for any signs of leaks on your property.

Winter: Winter is a good time to place hand sanitizer in offices and lobbies to limit the spread of germs. It’s also important to inspect your pipes and make sure they are ready for the cold conditions. You don’t want a pipe bursting because it may cause more serious problems and work.

Getting Organized

For more examples of ways you can break down maintenance tasks for your property, check out the resource below. By strategically planning tasks by season, you can relax knowing that you have a plan in place instead of feeling buried by never-ending chores.

Infographic created by Sweep-All

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