How to Protect Your Business Assets If You’re Arrested

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Getting arrested is every asset owner’s nightmare. Your employees, clients, or other businesses can file lawsuits against you that can lead to you being arrested. It can cost you a lot of money when arrested. Here are some things you should do to ensure that your business assets are protected when you are arrested.

1. Contact an Attorney

When arrested, the first thing to think of is contacting an attorney with whom you can review the case together. The attorneys will help you review the suit papers and ensure that it contains the correct information about the person who filled it. In case the information is incorrect, you can always dismiss the case.

In any way, the information will be correct; you should continue previewing the suit and make sure you install litigation hold in place. It requires you to preserve all the assets data that may relate in any way to the legal action.

You must keep all the records that are related to the case because you may need them sometime. If you have a document destruction policy, it would be best to suspend it until you have consulted with your lawyer.

Additionally, don’t communicate with the accusing person as anything you say can be used against you in the law court. If you are related to them, you should clarify that you won’t discuss the lawsuit.

2. Contact Your Insurance Provider

There are a variety of business insurance policies that are in place to cover assets against lawsuits. When arrested, you should first contact your insurance provider to help you cover any legal costs that can occur.

If you know that one of your insurance policies can cover the suit, be sure to contact them immediately. It will help them to preserve your insurance coverage as soon as possible. Do not assume that the insurance will always cover the lawsuit against you.

3. Decide the Way to Respond to the Complaint

After being arrested, you are given some time to be able to respond to the lawsuit. It is important to understand the lawsuit filed against you and the potential liability and exp0sure against your asset. After knowing all these, you will be able to decide how to go about the case.

Your attorney should be able to explain the plans and strategies for a potential exit. It would help if you also considered proposing other options to settle the disputes. Even though you may not have committed any crime, it can be essential to settle the cases using other methods rather than going to court.

Your insurance coverage can influence how you will continue with the case. It is good to know how much the court will need you to pay to see through the case and lose it. Regardless of what you respond, you should first ensure your attorney checks the response to ensure you did the right thing.

4. Find a Defense Attorney

You won’t need to do this if you have a lawyer or the insurance provider is giving you one and but depending on the case, it may need you to find one lawyer who specializes in your case.

You may want to have a counsel familiar with your case and the law court you are taken to. You may consider North Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys to help you with handling your case. Be sure that the person you are working with is a good communicator.

What to do During the Case?

The process can be long and tiresome, and there are some things that you will need to but into consideration during this period. You should always be truthful to your lawyers and ensure there is nothing that you are hiding.

It would help if you always were asking questions to your attorneys when you don’t understand something. Keeping your head held up high will be best for you. Do not let the lawsuit destroy you, always be calm and firm.

With the above tips, you can be assured of protecting your assets if you are arrested. Don’t let an arrest be a way that you will lose your assets. Correct procedures and following the law will see you coming out victorious.

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