The Lifeblood of Hotel Industry- Online Reviews

The major selling point of any kind of service in the hotel industry is its reputation, and that can be both online as well as offline. Hence, it is not surprising to know that there is hardly any other industry, which is as much affected as the hospitality industry. And this is because not every customer can physically check & compare all the hotel services in a short amount of time. Also, not every customer has that friends or family members who might have booked and visited the hotel that you are going to visit.

Hence, this is where the internet services comes to solve this problem by serving as the most convenient, easily accessible medium of exploring the hotel services, not just for a single place, but customers can check almost each and every location across the globe.

These days, we know there is a ton of information available on the internet for the people and one can check the reviews and reputation of any hotel just tapping their finger on phone. There are guides, reviews, walk-through videos and much more on the internet. Hence, online reviews have become the new norm of online reputation for hotels in today’s market.  To know what is the importance of online reviews for hotels read the below infographic from Maiden Stride.

hotel industry

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