Health Benefits of Using Stand Up Desk at Work

Do you often find yourself feeling sleepy, or experiencing neck and back pain after spending a day in the office? Do you also happen to sit most of the time during your 8 to 9-hour shift? If your answer is yes, then chances are, sitting alone is taking a toll on your health.

If you want to avoid these recurring pains, it’s time to change your office habits and switch to a stand up desk. Also known as a height-adjustable desk, this type of work table allows you to stand up comfortably while still working on your computer.

For some, the idea of standing up while working seems ridiculous as sitting down is more comfortable, since that is what we are used to. But did you know that some studies show that there is a 40% chance that you will die within 15 years if you’re sitting for more than six hours per day?

If you’re still thinking that switching to a stand up desk is an absurd idea, below are some of the vital health benefits that will surely convince you to take a stand finally.

It reduces back pain.

Back and neck pain is the primary concern of every office worker who spends an 8-hour shift in their office chairs. Lounging all day can look cozy, but it’s deteriorating your health slowly. In a 2011 study called “Take-a-Stand Project,” participants who spent about 66 minutes standing up while working reportedly felt a 54% reduction of upper back and neck pain.

It lowers the risk of weight gain.

Sitting at work all day limits a person the opportunity to keep their muscles and bones moving, but working at a stand up desk burns over 50 calories per hour per day. So, imagine standing at work for just three hours per day, that will be a total of 750 calories burnt in a week and about 30,000 calories per year or equals to reducing eight pounds of fat. It’s like joining ten marathons in one year.

Of course, gym enthusiasts will argue that they can always hit the gym or take a run after work. However, experts say, “Exercise is not a perfect antidote for sitting.”

It promotes a good mood and boosts energy levels.

“Sitting all day at work gives me more energy!” says no employee ever. Sedentary working can become linked to the risk of anxiety and depression.

Additionally, during the Take-a-Stand Project, 24 office workers were given a chance to work with a standing desk. By the end of the 4-week experiment, results showed that 87% of the participants felt energized, and 62% felt enthusiastic while working.

A few days after going back to their usual office desk, the participants said they felt a dramatic decline in mood and energy at work. It only shows that a stand-up desk can make a significant difference in how employees behave at work.

It boosts productivity.

Sitting all day in front of the computer does not always mean that an employee is efficiently working. One of the main concerns with a stand-up desk is the employee’s ability to focus on daily tasks such as typing and answering phone calls. But the same 2011 study shows that employees who use a standing desk are 71% more focused and 66% more productive.

Aside from these perks, you also get the chance to customize a stand-up desk according to your height. With the above benefits in both physical and mental health, a stand-up desk can be the ultimate game-changer in your life.

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