Job Opportunity: Internal Auditor Associate

World Citi, Inc. – Metro Manila – World Citi, Inc. Before the advent of World Citi Medical Center, the prestigious medical hub was named as Quezon City Medical Center – under the management of Quezon City Medical Center and Colleges (QCMCC). The eminent development of QCMC was synergized with its educational system. From a small nursing school, the learning institution dramatically expanded its horizons. Empowered by its vision and armed with a striking mission to bring Filipinos in the forefront of global competency, the Quezon City Medical Center and Colleges was upgraded to World Citi Colleges (WCC). With the emergence of WCC as one of the most competitive schools in the country, the hospital went along with its growth and was restructured into what now is known as the World Citi Medical Center. Currently, World Citi Medical Center is a tertiary hospital with level four accreditation by the Department of Health. Alongside of success in its Medical and Educational entities World Citi Inc. has expanded into diffe…

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